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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today I finished my schoolwork through the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so I had time to check on my college applications. Yesterday it snowed and I got to go out for Friday Girl's Night Beading with Julia and Jaimie (which was a blast by the way!)but today I started coming down with the cold that Spencer had last.

After I was done...I read some Harry Potter to Spencer and then jumped right in to updating my college applications. I applied last week for Oregon State University and this week for the
University of Oregon, so nnow the question is will I be a Duck or a Beaver?Manny applied for the Beavers with me.

Here is the breakdown: If we are Beavers we can take many of our classes on line and start now. They have a program that works in conjunction with community colleges and upper level at the same time.

Manny and I are only a Math requirement away fro upper level class life. Manny is majoring in Liberal Studies/ Psychology...I am shooting for Liberal Studies and with OSU's online Political Science.

And OSU's other big draw is its Linguistics programs for me. I studied Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese at the college level. I also taught myself to read some Greek and Japanese. I can't really get a Linguistics degree on line though with OSU. So now I am shooting for my next favorite subject in college, Political Science.

I also have applied for AHA...a study abroad program that starts this March. It is about going to Greece this year. I really want to do a year or two abroad to get more fluent at languages and also to get in time overseas to perhaps work for the State Department after I graduate.

I am also leaving room for law later and a Masters degree.

With OSU's study abroad program I was allowed to bring a dependent (Spencer) and also a significant other. Sounds awesome to me. The studies were half the fun. There would be a chance to leqrn language and also culture and architecture. All at the University of Athens.

I managed to get my transcripts sent off to OSU while roaming around CA last week now I am needing to get copies sent to U of O and also the study abroad program. I am just glad we have our passports!

U of O ( a Duck) is my fall back and is just as exciting. It did not have an immediate Greek program though. But it does have a Linguistics degree (still OK for prelaw) and language choices as well. It would not start until next Fall and my grades are defintiely OK to get in. At the University of Oregon I wan't have to worry about Math since I will have plenty of time to get that last class done before starting next Fall 2010!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Made 3 curtains for the front room and a bean bag for under the doors to cut down on the drafts....Need to make a few more of those to make the house more energy efficient...and curtains for the kitchen more cozy....

I want to knock out a skirt for myself too...a female moment....

Beautiful Day.....

Applied at both Oregon State University (this winter) as well as University of Oregon next Fall.
We will see if I get into them and pick from there. I also got an A in Polisci 5- the politics of underdeveloped just having to get through the end of this semester and then on to Winter quarter to get Math taken care of...I am not as far in MAth as I would like. I helped two really together people get their FAFSA's done and into the local Community college. Pretty exciting!

Having fun every day with Manny and Spencer!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spencer's off and playing...

Spencer is off playing with his new buddy and staying overnight with a mother who isabsolutely excellent to kids. So here I am with time on my hands andI revert to what I have always found as my default position...I am watching documentaries and studying for class! I just found out that 20 years after Chernobyl. It is fascinating!! The radiation counter is clicking like crazy!!! Yet a few people who were older creptr back in right away and are still eating their homegrown foods!!! It is also interesting how the fancy high rises are completely overgrown with lovely trees and plantation. People left the next day while being told they were only going to be gone for 3 days and they still have not been able to get back!! There are also wild boar roaming around the fair grounds and wild creatures in buildings. Very fascinating!! Chernobyl reminds me of a time I flipped on the telly while pregnant with my many of the original workers died immediately of radiation poisoning. A whole forest (the Red Forest) up and died immediately turning red.. Very bizarre to imagine theri is still a zone that is unlivable in Russia from that plant!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a beautiful Morning.....

I woke up this morning, realizing that everythingI wanted was coming true....I am already happy. Happiness is not some elusive future that I need to strive towards at this is already here and feeling truly great!
I got my packet of information about a Political Science degree yesterday in the mail from Oregon State University. It is a great school and it can set me up for a chance to study in Greece for up to a year as well as rack up the prelaw set of requirements.
Today I set up everything so that when I have the time I can call them and see what needs to be done all I need is the 50.00 to be able to turn inthe paperwork.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time is Right...

So I know I am this boring housewife turned student in reaction to losing my house to foreclosure and thinking I had a clue but watching helplessly as Manny's house was, hmmm, how can I say this nicely? STOLEN by both BofA and Wells Fargo!!

I tried writing to authorities, (White House included) and also PBS and other news outlets...but the words that I wrote were lost in a sea of many other words that are being ignored.

I had two years of personal experience helping peopel who were losing their homes BEFORE I lost mine and I still lost it, (Some said I was a lousy real estate investor because I would not take advantage of the situations when folks were losing thier homes, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

I watched as bank tactics switched and morphed to still wind up with the house and the future income it could provide to their corporate assetts. Everything I tried just didn't help people. (And of course I didn't make any money either.)

But when my own hous was lost I felt like a loser. I almost sold it too...lots of kidly investor friends jumped in at the end....but the bank rejected everyone. It seems they were set on selling my home at auction in a small, rather unwealthy little community like Tuolumne county, CA.

Welll, it tunred out they had hedged their bets and the newly deemed Bank of Christiana who now owned my loan knew they were selling the house back to themselves.

I dressed in my best suit and I wore a pretty set of heels, and styled my hair and sat on the edge of a planter box as the auctioneer nervously auctioned my property to no one.

It was sort of like EBay...there wasn't enough of an offer so they jsut decided to keep it.

Now the funny thing is that I am, by law, not allowed to have a relative or friend by the home soo I may live in it and pay a person I know and trust. That was set up so everyone wouldn't suddenyl stop making payments and get family to buy the houses.

Yet I got to take the wisdom I had accrued and a year later take on the situation again when Manny and I were wisely advised to move into his last remaining marital asset (an investment home in Oregon that he had rented out previously). We knew if it was our primary home and only remaining item we coudl renogotiate our loan and be OK in the long run.

When Manny went to renegotiate with Bof A, he didn't ask to pay less. He had not made payments in several months due to his divorce and our entry into late-in-life college to combat our many failures financially.

Manny has a badge and is a retired correctional officer. He wanted to pay them what he felt he truly owed them. Even though he had received the loan in what I would consider to be predatory practices (he and his Ex did it on her proposed income, which never seemed to materialize as a real estate agent)!!So he actually wanted to renegotiate the loan to PAY EVERYTHING HE OWED BANK OF AMERICA!! He asked that it be put at the end of the loan, that was all.

He said he would start paying the same old payment ASAP...this month on the first if their paperwork was in order.

They kept telling us they would work with us...they sent us the paperwork and we did it ASAP and sent it back the next business day.

The auction kept looming though..and eventually they did auction it off...but not without playing with us first to prevent us from declaring bankruptcy. And not without a last stab at extorting $3000 from us about 3 days before the auction.

All of a sudden all bets were off when the auction actually occcured. No one was willing to talk to us. The supervisor had hinted that they might talk to us abotu buying if no one bought it at auction, but no, our paperwork for the modification was stopped then and there.

And they also wouldn't tell us who or what now had the hosue in its name.

We called the local sheriff's department and it had no order to evict us. Yet a real estte woman lied and told MAnny that everyone quietly moves out because other wise she would show up in less then two weeks and TAKE THE HOUSE WITH AN OFFICER EVICTING US!!!!

The county said there were no changes in title and that Manny's name was still on everything.

Finally, after hours of working through phone calls, Manny got a charming woman within a county agency to tell us who she had serached hard to find. Apparently Wells Fargo bought our house. At least they had filed something for it the day of the auction.

Now how come the banks can let their brothers and sister buy our houses, and decide its value, but WE people cannot?

What is going on here?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baseball and schoolwork and organization...

I was a bit depressed about moving again and had not bothered to unpack my books, a sure sign that I was not moved in...but as of yesterday, I seemed to have gotten over it I unpacked several boxes of books and papers. Now I live here in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Spencer and I wrote our first true Japanese word by sounding out the Hiragana characters we have been studying for a couple of weeks. And he has been able to phonetically read Japanese words by sounding out he ones we had studied. Today we tried to write tsunami since we knew it was a Japanese word from our previous tsunami study of a few weeks ago.

And I was able to use my notes and "write" the word.

Japanese is so much easier then Chinese to write and read. I am really jazzed to be studying a syllabary like the Cherokee Great Sequoya made up for his people to be able to write instead of a jillion different characters that say the same homonyms...I love chinese and still study it religiously but....I am not particularly good at reading lots of it yet so I am excited that Japanese is so much easier.

Today we got to go to a baseball game for Manny's neice and I finished up a paper due tonight at midnioght...Gosh I love online schools...I guess I should get cracking on a paper I have to write for my Literature class...due on Tuesday and I have one due tomorrow for Poli SCi but I just don't want to do anymore Poli Sci today...pop....I feel my brain maxing on that...Manny had football on and seemed happy...and Spencer rode his bike...actually quite a relaxing day...dogs are happy...I am happy Spencer is happy...aaaaaahhhhh.....

Friday, October 9, 2009

I love the feeling of studying...

Today I processed paperwork and I have to admit that I love it.

I am really toying with trying for an attorney someday. I loved the paperwork of doing proper motions and orders for a court system.

I also applied for a job with the State Department for the summer or perhaps before if it works around school. I have asked for an overseas posting...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting a Professional....

Awesome news...I got Manny to finally work on professional help on his divorce. Today he spoke to an attorney and found out that he hasn't been treated very well on paper in his divorce. It is a relief to finally see that he can fight his divorce and wind up in a far better situation. He agreed to so many things he shouldn't have and now the courts will decide.


Back in Oregon....

Back in Oregon where the gas stations are friendly places where THEY pump your gas FOR YOU!!! Woohooo.....and life in this town is so very kind and easy going.....part of that is the ease of living and the other part is the fact that life here is so affordable. Oregon is very affordable and really pretty and I have to admit very outdoorsy...

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Bike...

Speed Demon on the loose......

Wells Fargo and Bank of America

If you are negotiating with a bank and or either of these banks to modify your loans I have some personal advice to give. This is not of course legal advice, just personal advice.
Don't trust anything they say. Get everything in writing and EVEN THEN don't assume you are dealing with a person who might stand behind what they say.

Both banks are seemingly in cohoots with one another and making out financially from this modification mess and the foreclosure crisis and they are actually probably legally obligated to make a profit for their shareholders (which I guess is in part us now). So from their perspective they will make sure that in the end they wind up with the property and they have a "sister" bank buy it at an aggreeable price to prevent a loss on paper.

We were told by our modification people at BofA that they would negotiatie with us if no one bought the house at auction.

No one showed up at the advertised time of auction or even the push off dates by BofA. So when we missed the third one we were sure that they would have no buyers, especially after the auctioneer told us that no one shows up at auctions anymore and we were the first people he had seen.

And it wasn't easy to figure out that Wells had purchased our home. It wasn't through the sheriff's dept when we called to see if anyone had actually started proceedings of eviction. They felt we had title to the house. Manny's phones calls to the courthouse and title company also confirmed that Manny was the sole owner of the home. It wasn't until Manny found a very helpful woman at the County Clerk's office that eventually we found out that Wells Fargo had filed a claim to the property.

So here are the key points anyone negotiating with these ruthless beasts needs to know:

-They are going to do what they can to make a profit on you. (Don't pay a last minute $3000 extortion fee, they told us it goes towards nothing and wont save the house really or stop the paperwork.)

-They will probably not be able to coordinate anything between the arm that conducts the modifications and the arm that auctions off the house. The lawyer side apparently has no actual contact method with the banking side that negotiates the loan. Amazingly they contacted one another immediately to stop the proceedings on the modification though when they had sold it to Wells in a shady underhanded deal that did not occur on the courthouse steps as all auctions are supposed to. Therefore don't trust communications with your bank.

-Don't let the bank lull you into believing that the whole thing will work out so long that you run out of time to declare bankruptcy. That was what got us. Within days the bank sent out a skanky realtor who bullied and lied to us to get us out immediately. They promised cash for keys on this date and then held money for 5 days following even though we had a signed contract.

Something else to consider. Manny had the kind of a loan mod going where he was promising to pay all back mortgage payments at the end of the loan and did not request anything lower than the original agreement. He turned in all the paperwork immediately and did everything they asked of him. He even promised to start payments on the first of the month as soon as he received his paperwork saying the modification was complete.

If you aren't promising to pay back the past late payments, and you are not starting ASAP, how can you assume you will make out better? You see what I am saying is this- we were the bank's best case scenario and it was still a better financial deal to play with us and keep the house in the end. Are you going to make out better? Can you devote hours a day to phone calls to try to make the deal work likeManny did? He was professional, calm and rather together. If he couldn't get a fair deal how are the myriads of people who lost their jobs, are scared out of their minds, have no money or are trying to negotiate down the mortgage going to be treated by these scoundrels? BTW I have found a lovely series of sites devoted to helping ferret out the truth in this matter. "Wells Fargo Sucks" and "Bank of America Sucks" also have our story. I also sent a comparable letter to The White House calling for an investigation into this matter. Let's ban together and protect others from losing it all. Changes are on the horizon, let's make them now.


Caught something yuckie...been playing it low key. Got a haircut today and yesterday we went for a ride after I spent the whole day working on PoliSci or laying arounnd with a blanket on the went for a ride that evening. While gone, Manny stopped at the casino and won enough money (he actually always seems to win) to surprise Spencer with a present this morning.

Spencer got a new bike....he hasn't had one that fit in a long time!!! I will try to post a picture later today.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When did James Bond become an actor younger then me? EEEk!!


I made money. Thank you, anyone who is reading this, I deeply appreciate you! I had 82 clicks in one day and I got paid handsomely for it by my standards....(which frankly aren't all that high-any of you probably would laugh at the amount I am excited about!)....

I also have to admit on an unrelated note, that I have written the White House, and some sites about the manipulations about my foreclosure and non remodification loan experiences.

I can tell more details but I am not sure who is reading my blog and what you are interested in.

I plan on writing down as many details as I can to help others who are also about to get screwed out of their homes by both Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

I am a very upbeat, happy person but I feel that some shady business is going on with the loan remodifications and I can help you wiht my information if you are making any decisions to believe either of these not-so-positive institutions.

I will write these down in the next couple of days...but for now I have to go play with paper airplanes with my 8 year old....priorities...I always remember what is important...

And I can promise you that any money I earn from your readings.....are going to be used for the enjoyment of my family....I won't be practical or sensible...the soonest I can I promise to go and play!!!!

I hope all of you get to do the same..even if you are the execs who clearly gave us the impression that the loan modification was going to go through and we were not going to lose the house....and that we didn't need to worry about declaring bankruptcy until it was too late to file....everyone deserves the chance to play...

Start the day with a Train...

Spencer had a nightmare last when he popped awake he was surprised to find that he was close to both Manny and I. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Mom, why don't we go for a walk?"

So we got the dog's leashes and headed out for a walk.

And when we were about a mile away...we found that we could see the the train headlight. Now if there is one thingI am "into" is trains...and I know it is my dad's fault. Since I was a very little girl, I knew the thrill of how loud a train is when you are close to the side as it flies assuredly along the tracks. My sister and I were indected with my father's love of history and his love of history definitely included trains. We spent so much of my childhood at train tracks all along the western coast line that I still to this day have an overwhelming sense of calm when I hear an engine's honk as it warns driver's of its coming.

One of the best things about living here is the sound of all times of the day and night....but it is not a is a calming steady the sound of the geese flying overhead in the spring and the fall....

Anyway when Spencer spotted the train...well, I had to say I wanted to wait for it. I sensed it was loading a short distance away. We got off the tracks and I put my erratic dogs on leashes and we sat around and counted in Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Spanish...Spencer was quite good at that...and the train honked to let us know it was on the move.

And we sat close to one another. Even the dogs stayed close as we were within 10 feet of a noisy clack clack of a Amtrak making its way above Klamath Falls on the map.

Spencer was thrilled with the loudness and his awe was shared by both the dogs and myself.

It has been a rough month and a half but....there are moments of peace and serenity whether I ask for htem or not. I guess the trick is to focus on the good stuff instead of droning on and on about the bad....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New House...Again...

Spencer and I are having our first drum lesson...yeah...I found it on YouTube wow....experts abound...and I learned so much...and I am getting Spencer to do Chinese lessons with me on Active Chinese a really cool spot while I also learn how to read Japanese with Spencer...we also learned to count in Japanese yesterday to a rock and rap song...believe it or not I already knew how to write since it is written the same as Chinese but the words are different...roku nanna actually is 6 and rhythms are working themselves out...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aside From Moving....

I have a few hours left to research and write a report on the IMF and turn it in by 12:00 pm!! I am starting now....

another day another house....

We are taking loads over to t he other house and appreciating the differences...this one is many colors inside...that one is off white and all one color. They both have that nice personality of a Victorian, china cabinets and weird angles and old doors with crazy cool old knobs....the new one has a bit of the feel of a home that has not had an owner who lived in it for a bit.

Today we went out to the hardware store and bought new light fixtures and checked out the ceiling fans and appliances. We already changed a few and bought a new glass part for more then one.

Everything is moved over except big ticket items like couches and armoires and beds.

Tomorrow we pick up the UHaul and finish the job.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So the house we are moving into is a nice older home but we are upgrading everything we can. We put in 4 ceiling fans today and are installing all kinds of hooks for hanging stuff around. We also put in a fresh new shower hanger over the luxurious claw foot tub. In the last month I have become rather addicted to the large clawfoot and luckily we found ourselves with a new place that has curtain that I threw together to soften and lend some privacy looks really nice in the new bathroom too.

Not alot of loads moved today but I feel good about the way it is shaping up...and

Gordonn came up to visit and help us move...Spencer is so jazzed to have dad around.He introduced him to his friends. And Manny and I are relievd to have the help before we move the Big Ticket items.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moving Again...but ready and rarin'

We had an incredibly stressful week and a half. Just when everything felt like it was calming down..we suddenly had to find new housing or research what our rights were up here in the foreign land of Oregon.

According to the laws (Chapter 90 and 105) I was able to verify that we are indeed tenants in the eyes of the law now that BofA sold our home to Wells Fargo and has decided to cut off all negotiations.

Coincidently they sent out a realtor whotold us we had a couple of weeks before she was showing up at our home with a sheriff and kicking us out.

We called the sheriff's office knowing that they have to file something with them to get them to come out and they told us there are no papers filed with them or Klamath county.


In the meantime we researched the area and found tons of affordable places to live. So we started working out the details.

We found a 3 bedroom Victorian by Klamath River about a block and a half away with a huge fenced back yard and lovely overgrown plants and flowers beds with dead grass. The rooms look pretty wild and it needs lots of paint and a door needs replacing, but we think we can improve it ASAP.

We also were excited that Manny has applied all over in this last week at the jobs he is interested in working. He wants to be a drug and alcohol counselor, coach and teacher, and is also interested in his usual niche of law enforcement.

His first interview is Monday. We figure we can pay back our last landlords soon if he gets a full time position andit is neat that the cheqapest one we looked at is the one we seem to have gotten. This house is $595 a month. In this case we are doing alot of work and upgrading of stuff the first few weeks since it was trashed by the last tenants a year ago and has been sitting vacant for at least 6 months.

Sweeping, cleaning and planting is well worth it. And here it is common for the landlords to wave first and last and deposits if hte new tenants help with cleanup of the last renters.

Today we went to Crater Lake to release some of the stress and it sure worked. It was much more relaxing to settle in when we got home.

And now I am getting the fact that "home" is where Manny, Spencer and my pets are....
I know wecando Greece and Italy easy now....home is where we are...just wish I could get Gordon to move close to be able to see Spencer at least a few times a week...but that is just a fantasy....I felt that after G and I broke up the best case scenario would be to all stick know keep the family all together. But now I get that it is about seeing each other when we can and "keeping up" with one another.

Thanks to the computer "home" is wherever we are that has a computer connection...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving Again....

The bottom line turned out to be that BofA was offered everything they wanted. We said we would pay the whole loan, just take the months we had not paid and put it on the end and that we would allow the amount of the original payment $600 a month to be deducted from a retirement program that would be a guarantee.

BofA played us until they sold it. They teased us with the idea that we were being considered for a plan, but in the end it was easiest to sell the property to themselves. We did not ask for a refiguring downward on the payment that if we had been able to get BofA to consider according to the gov website would have broughtour payment down to $200 a month.

But looking at this from BofA's point of view, why should they have enough people manning the phones (we waited for hours at a time to speak to people who rarely answered any of our questions) and even bother to keep people in the houses? Isn't it better business sense to just ignore us with endless shuntings between Conveyance Company and BofA loan mortgage people? I mean this whole set up does not make sense. What incentive does BofA have to have enough people manning the loan lines? Why hsould they even think of letting go of their money now tha it is in their company's paws?

So I find myself losing another house in a 13 month period. And at first I believed that I was thestupid person who made the mistakes. But I have watched Manny do all the right things and lose it anyway.

My advice if you are dealing with a bank over your foreclosure:

Well, I gave my mortgage co all the money they asked and I still lost it as the money disappeared on the books somewhere and did nothing to bring down the amount I owed.

With Manny, I wouldn't let him pay a dime, and thank Goodness!! He could have begged and borrowed and still been in the same boat that I wound up in.

At least this time I get to feel like I wasn't duped into paying for my foreclosure.

And now we are moving again in less then a month.

One place has the rent of $595 a month. WOW, that is really cheap.

Friday, September 4, 2009

And it just keeps gettin' better and better...

So today we were a bit startled by how much we really liked the people of Eugene yesteray. It was a 3 hour drive in some stunning territory. You know the kind that makes it so you get bored with going, "Oh" and "ah"...and just start talking sinc ethe vistas are too awesome.

When we got there we visited a relative of Manny's. She was a beautiful blond who got us tickets to the last game in the old stadium of the minor league Ems team that plays there. She was funny, kind and wry with her humor which are my personal favorites in anyone to be honest.

Today we excercised our options by looking at Klamath choices.

First and foremost was the fancy 4 bedroom Victorian here on the end of the block. We had met the owner and had a chat with the practical man back in July when the same property was for sale not simply for rent. It is fully landscaped and nicely painted aand has the most lovely front porch on the block. We were pretty sure we could move most of the stuff ourselves if we are moving two doors down.

We also found anothe property down the street that has the abillity to hear the train(an odd prerequisite for me now) and we happened to meet the landlord...the house was a sty but it was doable and cleanable as well. After talking to Manny he was also willing ot work with us and it was evenmore affordable then the fancy Victorian was. ALL THE PROPERTY HERE IS AFFORDABLE TO US I get why my dad alwayswanted to retire here...WOW...your dollar goes so much farther here...even on groceries!!

The last property choice we found was a boring cinder block 50's style ranch home on a huge lot of fenced grass with play ground equipment. Spencer loved it but I loved the price!!! My GOD!!! $700 a month?For a house? AM I in heaven?

Today is a New Day....

So here is the truth my dear close family and friends....we were happily hanging around unpacking and waiting for my internet connection...the last link I was waiting for to research the Oregon laws and details of our possible options...when Manny was visited by a realtor. Now I know that the bank's realtor is paid to freak you out and get you out ASAP and they get paid well for the trouble...I know because the realtor I had in Tuolumne County showed up just as I knew he would and tried to delicately intimidate me into submission so he could get it on the market after the auction.

That time I was well armed with info...after all I had been an investor...and I knew the state laws in regards to this matter....and I knew how to manipulate them to my best avenues since I AM NOT the kind of woman to buy into that "Scared Nelly" attitude that kills so many men and women when their housing is threatened.

In California I knew I had to negotiate because either way I had intended to leave the house clean and as well loved as she had always been.

But here in Oregon our connection problems stemmed from many different problems with my account before I had even received connection dates were 8/22 and 8/25 and 8/28 and 9/2. Well now we are having trouble with our modem but since we are not sure if we are going to stay we have to sort of wait rather then use the plan I ordered for help if such problems arose.

The realtor told Manny to expect us to be visited by a sheriff if we were not out ASAP.

After weeks of cleaning and scrubbing and unpacking on the advice of an attorney we are now being forced out. Or we can fight. AndI am not sure that is the best way to spend our time.

So we visited Eugene as a possible plaec to move to for Uof O...where I want to go...and today we visited all the affordable options here in is amazing what one can do....gotta go play with Spencer...we are making a puzzle in a wifi spot within the store here....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nervous Condition....

Every once in awhile it occurs to me how precarious our condition is....and I found myself checking into the huge Victorian for rent just two doors down from our house. So far Bank of Amercia has not been very easy to contact nor have they been consistent. I am just glad that we did not give them any money when they basically tried to extort $3000 out of us two days before our home's first scheduled auction even as they sent us paperwork explaining that we would still recieve our notices from the lawyers representing them. In the end they said their paperwork would take 90 days to process and they auctioned it off in less then 30 days from our initial turning in of all of our documents. Now they are saying that all of it is pretty much hanging on a whim. They had said that if no one else was interested (and we knew since there were no offers in several months of being at the rock bottom price of $75,000 that there is no interest) then they would no one wants to talk or guess at who to contact.

Then I looked into the huge well landscaped Victorian on the end of the block, (easily one of the nicest homes in the neighbrhood) and it is only $1300 a month and has 3 huge garages...and lovely gardens with drip systems and is well painted and has a few bathrooms...I paid more then that for 2 bedrooms in Salinas.

Why do we want this house when we can sign a one year contract and live in this huge mansion, maybe scrounge up a few roommates and live very comfortably...?

We could always make an offer when the bank puts this house on the is supposed to be going on the market for $60,000...I would offer $49,000 and see if that wouldn't be would be better then any deal with Bof A since it would be a straight real estate deal...I think I might go looking for my old investor friends...let's face it...a house that went for $140,000 just 4 years ago...for $49,000...with us offering to stay in it and make payments until it is ours...? I think we could find someone interested in the deal....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Connections are complex things...I am connected to this computer right now and I am connected to anyone reading it...for now only family and friends. Spencer is watching his spiderweb change daily as the spider uses different lures to coax in victims...Manny has been explaining the process. It odd watching the connection over a spider grow.

We are reading Ramona and Her Father again and it is funny sicne it is an Oregon story. It is helping me feel a connection.

Yesterday we spent quite a bit of time making connections to the house itself. I made curtains for our huge claw foot bathtub. I have to admit that I am enjoying boiling water. We have to do that because the renters had not paid the gas for over two years so it was shut off in time for us to move in. We will be turning it on in a little while but I must admit that I am not the only one who is impressed by how luxurious it feels to have someone bring in a boiling pot of water to dump into the deep end of the tub while bathing. And it is so homey to have pots steaming on the stove for hours on end while the train whistle blows a ways away in town.

From our location on top of the hill we can hear the high school buzzers incdicating a class end and the elementary school's recess.

I am amazed at how quiet a house in town can be...and how satisfying our life is here without any of our normal lifestyle patterns.

I feel so reminds me of a wise book title about seeking enlightenment, "Chop Wood and Carry Water." Being in a strange place helps me to connect to myself.

Sittin' on my front porch.....

Here I am sitting on my new front porch, stealing someone else's internet connection until mine gets turned on tomorrow (at least that is the lastest promise by Qwest....) and I have to admit that it is another beautiful day in the sttrange and foreign land of Oregon. Manny is watering our plants and plotting out other places to apply....Spencer is done drawing a spiderweb that he and Manny are tracking for changes day to day and I am cutting out felt to create little gnomes for our nature table to represent the Big Kids and Gordon and even Manny's chillin's who aren't talking to him or even asking about his side of things. I figure whether they are open to ever meeting us or not they are family and they will remain in our hearts....I even toyed with creating one for Manny's Ex, who used to be my best friend, but I decided it was better to wait on need to invite bad JuJu (as Austin Powers put it) into the house we have so artfully been making our own....

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Semester...

Sitting in a cute little coffee house in Klamath Falls called Mateos to get access to the internet to do my Algebra and English assignments. At the hotel the other night I got a posting in on Poli Sci 5 so I can't worry about that one much...I was the first class posting so I couldn't comment on another's statement (as is customary for an on line class)...I can wait for that until after our hookup is complete on September the meantime it is the little things which are my maintstays...the placing books on a shelf and freeing up another box...watching Spencer race the occassional car n the street to the end of the quiet block. There are more pelicans here then in the Santa Cruz beach I was just camping at...and today was our first sighting of clouds here in the shadow of Mount Shasta.

I am very stressed about not devoting hours to schoolwork at the start of this semester but....I love the much slower pace here in Oregon...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This year I learned that "back home" is not what I thought it was....I generally don't move much and I don't like the idea of picking up my stuff and going anywhere with ALL OF IT!!....but now I am realizing that "home" is where Spencer and Manny and I are....not where my "things" are...I seem to be slowly realizing that my Big Kids and my Ex will visit me wherever I am...and I can visit them and my sisters and parents as well...but "home" has very little to do with my "things"...

I think I am ready to move abroad and explore now that I have learned this crucial secret...

Java Junction....

Sitting next to Manny in JavaJunction in Santa Cruz, CA. Found a storage unit since our moving the last few bits of our stuff was going to cost a fortune....EVERYBODY is moving this week here in the Land of Many Colleges...already behind on someofmy assignments for class in myover zealous mind!

Spent yesterday with the family and truly enjoyed the closeness...had to get some schoolstuff done and went to the was so much fun just being together...dogs were even walked for a long time on the beach at Aptos and the Cement Ship Beach...

Hope to begone tomorrow and at least headed back to Oregon so we can get going on life there...

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of College, Again...

Here it is Fall and I find mysefl starting a new semester again. This time I don't carry all the insecurities I did last Fall. At this time last year I had challenged two History courses through CLEP tests and acquired 6 units for my efforts but wondered whether I was up to the challenge of being in college again.

Now I am an old Pro in every sense of the word.

I know how to get my own library card and access the info I need. I am happily walking a campus I know in detail and yet, I am not staying. I am enrolled here full time and I have already done work for each of my classes, but I am not going to be here expect for the exams I have to take in Algebra class....

Next I am off to check on the cost of my Masterpieces in Literature textbook....and the other miscelaneous items I need for my courses, but otherwise I am planning on playing with my family while here...8 hours away from a cozy home and new life in Oregon.

I was given two delightful books last night and I found myself accessing them perpetually today as I drove about doing my early morning errands.

I started my camping day off by getting my dogs and walking down to the beach. I shimmied off my Monterey Peninsula College sweats, and jumped into the ocean asking for cleansing...of all my insecurities and fears.

The funny thing is that I felt "cleansed" of my insecurities and fears!! I ran down the beach and found that the really drop dead gorgeous guy on the beach walking casually towards me was my own personal hottie....

Life is full of reasons to be afraid and thankful.

I am lucky that this morning I was able to see, feel and know...that I was feeling appreciative instead.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Gardening at the new house started today...we got a hose and watered the lawn...

We are also trying to set up curtains...I plan on sewing some today...did laundry at a laundromat today!! Ate at a grocery store...yum...

We are getting our library cards offical. I also used the interent to "meet" my MPC instructors for Fall...English Lit and I come...

Haven't found where to sign Spencer up for school yet...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New House!

So here I am living in Oregon since a couple of days ago...won't have my internet turned on for a bit and have to admit I am loving the silence!! I think though I am seriously addicted to answering my emails since I feel so strange without checking them daily!

I find myself happily scrubbing a creeky lovely old door to a graveyad and a view of all of town!!! Could life get any more interesting?!

We have been putting up pics and cleaning all the old messes but I love watching my son go outside and play with kids from the neighborhood on his bike and BE completely safe....

He has already made friends!! I think Brittleby (Happy Birthday my Pumpkin!!) and Harry James would have loved this house since there is the sound of kids EVERYWHERE and they are all nice!!

But what is nice is how sweet it is to be here with Spencer and Manny...Manny is a blast!! We have been cleaning up things and moving things and generally scrubbing things...

We went to see the house we moved into get auctioned off after many different negotiations with Bof A fell through...

No one showed. I had already told Manny that no investor in his right mind is going to these things anymore since the banks aren't even allowing a good deal...Bof A kept trying to get more cash out of us...but I feel that it is a better deal to simply take our money to a lawyer...

When I paid out money on my house I lost last year all the money I put out disappeared!!!

I helped many others and found they all had the same thing disappears in that doesn't go toward debt or towards simply goes away! My mortgage co couldn't even figure out which branch had it...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today our stuff is mostly going to be OUT....

Eeeeekk! Today is the day to literally move out. I know this abotu matter how hard you try there seems to always be another box to pack....and here we are....the day to move stuff into the truck...and I had trouble sleeping...and figuring out details...yet the details usually iron themselves out and I know the illusion is that I ever truly control "the plan" whatever that is....

Everything is in dissarray...stuff all over...yet there is symmetry in this odd sort of peace...I am not at all sure as to why...I guess it will make more sense later when I am not in the middle of it all....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am enjoying the adventure and also feeling butterflies of fear as we pack eveyrthing we own up to move away from the Monterey area in California. It is funny how you really learn alot about yourself as you box up your life. My craft boxes are amazing...tons of stuff to make thigns with...what Imake is as mindboggling as I wonder Manny looks slightly confused....

We took an hour or so to enjoy the beach with the dogs one last time.....Spencer had to swim with his jeans on.....and he dove inand out of the waves like a pro....and the pelicans seemed to be flocking today....after e had finished up some last paperwork for our next semester here in Monterey's Peninsula College. Another heavy semester...but this 16 units all but guarantees me entry into a Big College and also my degree from this one...

Manny found his union has lots of options to help...pretty cool...when I lost my home I didn't have any Union Bros to back me up at all....If you are in the same boat...check with any Unions you might have available....

And I feel scared and excited all at once....I am either lucky or excited....liek an amusement park ride....AAAAaaaaahhhhh!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foreclosure and Move!!

Well, we knew we could not afford to stay here but we were not clear as to what avenue to pursue...until we visited the town that Manny has his spare house. When we went to check on it...his "investment house" turned into our best case we opted for trying to negotiate with BofA that holds the loan on it. We have not been able to keep up payments and found ourselves on the foreclosure listings.

We had a month and a half to get into talks with a big company like Bof A and yet no one answered their phone for a week...the people we did talk to after long periods on hold...tried to sidestep the loan now insisting we talk to the Conveyance Company that was in charge of its auction in mid August.

We turned in the packet of papers they requested to prove we were legitimate in our quest to "keep" the house. It was weeks before we received the "said" packet of paperwork from BofA and yet when we did receive it we returned it the next business day after it was received (in the morning) and yet they still sat on it for a couple of weeks...

Now when it was getting too close to auction and we were moving in as we had said changing it to a "primary residence" instead of an "investment property." And still no response or help from Bof A.

So we contacted the local HUD people to help us negotiate with our mortgage people at Bof A. We also confirmed that we can declare bankruptcy to keep the house. And we found out that Manny's union from his job would also help us by going to bat with the Bof A people.

We also confirmed with a lawyer friend that in order to keep what was an investment property, one must move in completely and make sure the mortgage company knows it is your primary residence.

So now we are moving...just decided two days ago to rent the truck...started packing yesterday and we pickup the truck on Thursday....
Wish us luck and hope this helps anyone out there with a similar situation....

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Move is On....

OK, we have the kindest landlords in the world but the fact is that we can't afford to be in our house any longer without dragging down the ones who have allowed us to be here so long...So I am psyched and jazzed about moving into Manny's other home and turn that into our primary residence ASAP. Booked a truck and started seriously packing today. Cleaned out half the garage, (and did a dump run-wait learned it isn't a dump run anymore...we escorted our trash and rejected items from the Goodwill to the waste management facility).....sort of took our trash for a tour to Goodwill first-old toys and toddler bed weren't accepted there today, then drove the stuff over to "the facility"....isn't life interesting?

And now the race is on....we are checking out details for school here...since I am enrolled full time in Monterey Peninsula College through the Fall.

And Spencer and I started emailing a new Waldorf Homeschooled penpal in faraway Phoenix.....there is always something new if you are open to it....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Assessment

Manny, Spencer and I are still living in Salinas this week....but we are moving soon..can't afford Salinas much longer. I am finishing up my last semester at Monterey Peninsula College but most of my last classes are on line hence the move. A year ago I lost my house in foreclosure and I have lived more in this last year then I probably ever have. I have had more romance, more intrigue, more adventure and more growth then all my other years put together. It's funny how something so bad can turn out so good...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kickin' back and playin' cards....

Sometimes being poor has its sweet victories. When I had money I was always busy. But now that I don't have as much....I feel like I have time for the little things I never have time playing cards. Tonight, Manny and Spencer, and Gordon (my Ex Hubby) and I played cards. Being poor means not going out to a movie but instead staying at home and playing a game.

And in a race with 3 of us on one side and only Manny on the other...Manny was beating us....un til this hand...and all of a sudden I have mysteriously pulled ahead....go figure!!

Whether wealthy of poor, may you have time to play cards and kick back.
This You Tube bit on Abraham Hicks is today's meditation for getting into alignment with my desires.

Woohoo, I found a piece of paper that was a bit of what I wanted in a man. And Manny fits it almost completely.

"A handsome man on my arm who spots me first and feels good from moment one. He looks good with his cuffs rolled up one. His smile melts me.

He also is a good family man. I can lay my head on my chest and feel good." -written about 2 months before Manny showed up in my life.

Morning Meditation

Call it what you will but I am making a point of getting in time this morning for my morning meditations and focus or prayer or whatever. I used to take an hour every morning for these things for decades yet down here going to college I haven't done much at all in that department. Today I thought I would start with a You Tube mind movie that focused on happiness and serenity. I am lighting a candle and a stick of incense and I have sweats on. Next, I will do my "salute to the sun" yoga, just three, and also relax my overly thinking mind.
When I have allowed myself that time to relax I will then sit quietly and do nothing but believe there are answers to all of my problems desperately trying to reach me if I would only sit down and be quiet for a bit to feel them. Sometimes the most incredible inspirations would hit me when "I would do this simple task in the mornings.
In the Jewish culture it was understood that the first fruits from the harvest belonged to God. Now I am not big on trying to define what a God Thing is but I figure this ancient wisdom is not a waste of time when it comes to feeling appreciation and acknowledgement that all comes from a greater source then just me. I acknowledge whatever the heck it is with my quiet this morning.

Friday, August 7, 2009


What a spine chilling show!! It was a thrill to be so close to such fast and maneuverable flying machines. WOW! And the Transformer Robosaurus was incredible!! It really did transform into a trailer when going from show to show and it angrily grew to full size like Godzilla and "ate" a car!!

And I got to play co-pilot while Spencer flew a cargo plane, and we got to watch some amazing stuff as all the different kinds of planes did fancy rolls and loopdeloops overhead. WOW!!

Cannery Row

Last night and tonight were a blast!

I have had alot of tension lately what with fresh new changes afoot and it was such a wonderful relief to have a great night playing tourist in Monterey where I have been busy being a student so much of the time this last year! But the company made it so much fun...we hung around with Melissa and Jim and we really enjoyed their company. Spencer and I also got to do the aquarium with other kids (a girl who does not like being called "Ollie" and Lilly. We also had a splendid dinner as well as seeing The Sharks at the Imax in 3D. A Cousteau movie narrated without the French accent but an English one instead. And no violence...well, one mating sequence of sharks seemed kind of violent but that was a far cry from the docmentaries of my childhood.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a fun day!!!

Had a blast!! We went to the Monterey Aquarium. What a lot of fun!! We hung out with a family we haven't before and found out they were alot of fun!! Melissa wanted to go to the Imax Theater and watch a shark movie in 3D and it was a great idea... WOW...and documentaries aren't violent like they were when I was a kid....and the Cousteau movie was narrated by an Englsh accent instead of a french was kind of a new twist on an old favorite. I wanted to reach out and touch the jellyfish that popped off the screen due to the effects...

The Monterey Aquarium

Yahoo, it looks like I might get to go back to the aquarium!! I love the relaxing...all that water...and blue light and glass and swimmy things!

And in Salinas, we have jets practicing overhead for the show tomorrow! A freebie for me!

Anniversary date....

Yesterday...was the day that Gordon and I got married and created a family. What a success! Life turned out alot different then our plan BUT OMGosh!!What a beautiful life we have had! We are all close, children, Gordon, now Manny and I. I consider it to be a win/win in every imaginable way.
Thank You Gordon for giving me our children, making me a mother and teaching me how to love another person so completely and unconditionally. You deserve my devotion since you are, and always have been, such a wonderful person. I know we are no longer married and definitely not husband and wife BUT I promise you my devotion until we die and beyond. Just as I did all those years ago, (I got that wrong on Facebook.... I will always love you.
I hope you feel that.

Gearing Up For Change...

The fresh rain this morning was awesome. We coupled it with a morning meditation. Well, I stood outside in the rain in my bathing suit and just soaked it up, (it was a bit chilly) while Spencer messed with his Facebook. I coaxed Manny into joining me and he stood in the rain for a bit but eventually relented and wanted to go inside where it was far warmer.

Anyway when we did our real meditation, a you tube Enya song, all 3 of us quieted down and went to a more peaceful place. Manny closed his eyes. I started writing in my journal and Spencer drew a picture of teepees and city buildings in NYC.

I sense a whole new way of life is about to unfold. A good one, I think.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Studies in college life

It is funny what I am studying and it makes sense. Back in 1981, I wanted to learn foreign languages and move to Monterey to go to the Monterey Institute. So I went back to the orignal plan last summer when I went back to school.

Now I am done with my first full year and I studied french (blech, crazy teacher at MPC), Italian and Chinese (both incredibly awesome instructors!!) and Linguistics which made me feel like I want to become a Linguist. I also found a great teacher of Arabic to get me going in that direction. My Chinese and Italian are pretty much my mainstays but during the winter break I also taught myself to read Greek (it was like breaking a code). I have decided that I want to go to Europe for a couple of years to study Italian and Greek in those countries but before I go I need to get pretty proficient. I really hope I can get into a university there for a year learning in that language on campus.

Hopefully I will get to follow through on that one.

Creating a Blog....

I already did the blog thing a couple of years ago and it got lost in my foreclosure. I am excited that this has gotten much easier since I did it last and much cheaper. And when I loaded the ads last time it took forever. Now if I get interested parties I might actually make money as well.
Wish me luck.

My Wild Ride of a Life....

Every day gets better. I don't know how, when my income is unclear and uncertainty is all I really have, I have to really admit I am really happy.
I am signed up for Fall classes and it is a full schedule.
I am gearing up for a move to a cheaper and quieter life. And I am with my son and Manny who always bring me happiness.
Life is good.