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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cannery Row

Last night and tonight were a blast!

I have had alot of tension lately what with fresh new changes afoot and it was such a wonderful relief to have a great night playing tourist in Monterey where I have been busy being a student so much of the time this last year! But the company made it so much fun...we hung around with Melissa and Jim and we really enjoyed their company. Spencer and I also got to do the aquarium with other kids (a girl who does not like being called "Ollie" and Lilly. We also had a splendid dinner as well as seeing The Sharks at the Imax in 3D. A Cousteau movie narrated without the French accent but an English one instead. And no violence...well, one mating sequence of sharks seemed kind of violent but that was a far cry from the docmentaries of my childhood.

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