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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of College, Again...

Here it is Fall and I find mysefl starting a new semester again. This time I don't carry all the insecurities I did last Fall. At this time last year I had challenged two History courses through CLEP tests and acquired 6 units for my efforts but wondered whether I was up to the challenge of being in college again.

Now I am an old Pro in every sense of the word.

I know how to get my own library card and access the info I need. I am happily walking a campus I know in detail and yet, I am not staying. I am enrolled here full time and I have already done work for each of my classes, but I am not going to be here expect for the exams I have to take in Algebra class....

Next I am off to check on the cost of my Masterpieces in Literature textbook....and the other miscelaneous items I need for my courses, but otherwise I am planning on playing with my family while here...8 hours away from a cozy home and new life in Oregon.

I was given two delightful books last night and I found myself accessing them perpetually today as I drove about doing my early morning errands.

I started my camping day off by getting my dogs and walking down to the beach. I shimmied off my Monterey Peninsula College sweats, and jumped into the ocean asking for cleansing...of all my insecurities and fears.

The funny thing is that I felt "cleansed" of my insecurities and fears!! I ran down the beach and found that the really drop dead gorgeous guy on the beach walking casually towards me was my own personal hottie....

Life is full of reasons to be afraid and thankful.

I am lucky that this morning I was able to see, feel and know...that I was feeling appreciative instead.

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