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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Morning Meditation

Call it what you will but I am making a point of getting in time this morning for my morning meditations and focus or prayer or whatever. I used to take an hour every morning for these things for decades yet down here going to college I haven't done much at all in that department. Today I thought I would start with a You Tube mind movie that focused on happiness and serenity. I am lighting a candle and a stick of incense and I have sweats on. Next, I will do my "salute to the sun" yoga, just three, and also relax my overly thinking mind.
When I have allowed myself that time to relax I will then sit quietly and do nothing but believe there are answers to all of my problems desperately trying to reach me if I would only sit down and be quiet for a bit to feel them. Sometimes the most incredible inspirations would hit me when "I would do this simple task in the mornings.
In the Jewish culture it was understood that the first fruits from the harvest belonged to God. Now I am not big on trying to define what a God Thing is but I figure this ancient wisdom is not a waste of time when it comes to feeling appreciation and acknowledgement that all comes from a greater source then just me. I acknowledge whatever the heck it is with my quiet this morning.

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