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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Move is On....

OK, we have the kindest landlords in the world but the fact is that we can't afford to be in our house any longer without dragging down the ones who have allowed us to be here so long...So I am psyched and jazzed about moving into Manny's other home and turn that into our primary residence ASAP. Booked a truck and started seriously packing today. Cleaned out half the garage, (and did a dump run-wait learned it isn't a dump run anymore...we escorted our trash and rejected items from the Goodwill to the waste management facility).....sort of took our trash for a tour to Goodwill first-old toys and toddler bed weren't accepted there today, then drove the stuff over to "the facility"....isn't life interesting?

And now the race is on....we are checking out details for school here...since I am enrolled full time in Monterey Peninsula College through the Fall.

And Spencer and I started emailing a new Waldorf Homeschooled penpal in faraway Phoenix.....there is always something new if you are open to it....

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