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Friday, August 28, 2009

New Semester...

Sitting in a cute little coffee house in Klamath Falls called Mateos to get access to the internet to do my Algebra and English assignments. At the hotel the other night I got a posting in on Poli Sci 5 so I can't worry about that one much...I was the first class posting so I couldn't comment on another's statement (as is customary for an on line class)...I can wait for that until after our hookup is complete on September the meantime it is the little things which are my maintstays...the placing books on a shelf and freeing up another box...watching Spencer race the occassional car n the street to the end of the quiet block. There are more pelicans here then in the Santa Cruz beach I was just camping at...and today was our first sighting of clouds here in the shadow of Mount Shasta.

I am very stressed about not devoting hours to schoolwork at the start of this semester but....I love the much slower pace here in Oregon...

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