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Friday, September 4, 2009

And it just keeps gettin' better and better...

So today we were a bit startled by how much we really liked the people of Eugene yesteray. It was a 3 hour drive in some stunning territory. You know the kind that makes it so you get bored with going, "Oh" and "ah"...and just start talking sinc ethe vistas are too awesome.

When we got there we visited a relative of Manny's. She was a beautiful blond who got us tickets to the last game in the old stadium of the minor league Ems team that plays there. She was funny, kind and wry with her humor which are my personal favorites in anyone to be honest.

Today we excercised our options by looking at Klamath choices.

First and foremost was the fancy 4 bedroom Victorian here on the end of the block. We had met the owner and had a chat with the practical man back in July when the same property was for sale not simply for rent. It is fully landscaped and nicely painted aand has the most lovely front porch on the block. We were pretty sure we could move most of the stuff ourselves if we are moving two doors down.

We also found anothe property down the street that has the abillity to hear the train(an odd prerequisite for me now) and we happened to meet the landlord...the house was a sty but it was doable and cleanable as well. After talking to Manny he was also willing ot work with us and it was evenmore affordable then the fancy Victorian was. ALL THE PROPERTY HERE IS AFFORDABLE TO US I get why my dad alwayswanted to retire here...WOW...your dollar goes so much farther here...even on groceries!!

The last property choice we found was a boring cinder block 50's style ranch home on a huge lot of fenced grass with play ground equipment. Spencer loved it but I loved the price!!! My GOD!!! $700 a month?For a house? AM I in heaven?

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