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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Connections are complex things...I am connected to this computer right now and I am connected to anyone reading it...for now only family and friends. Spencer is watching his spiderweb change daily as the spider uses different lures to coax in victims...Manny has been explaining the process. It odd watching the connection over a spider grow.

We are reading Ramona and Her Father again and it is funny sicne it is an Oregon story. It is helping me feel a connection.

Yesterday we spent quite a bit of time making connections to the house itself. I made curtains for our huge claw foot bathtub. I have to admit that I am enjoying boiling water. We have to do that because the renters had not paid the gas for over two years so it was shut off in time for us to move in. We will be turning it on in a little while but I must admit that I am not the only one who is impressed by how luxurious it feels to have someone bring in a boiling pot of water to dump into the deep end of the tub while bathing. And it is so homey to have pots steaming on the stove for hours on end while the train whistle blows a ways away in town.

From our location on top of the hill we can hear the high school buzzers incdicating a class end and the elementary school's recess.

I am amazed at how quiet a house in town can be...and how satisfying our life is here without any of our normal lifestyle patterns.

I feel so reminds me of a wise book title about seeking enlightenment, "Chop Wood and Carry Water." Being in a strange place helps me to connect to myself.

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