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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving Again....

The bottom line turned out to be that BofA was offered everything they wanted. We said we would pay the whole loan, just take the months we had not paid and put it on the end and that we would allow the amount of the original payment $600 a month to be deducted from a retirement program that would be a guarantee.

BofA played us until they sold it. They teased us with the idea that we were being considered for a plan, but in the end it was easiest to sell the property to themselves. We did not ask for a refiguring downward on the payment that if we had been able to get BofA to consider according to the gov website would have broughtour payment down to $200 a month.

But looking at this from BofA's point of view, why should they have enough people manning the phones (we waited for hours at a time to speak to people who rarely answered any of our questions) and even bother to keep people in the houses? Isn't it better business sense to just ignore us with endless shuntings between Conveyance Company and BofA loan mortgage people? I mean this whole set up does not make sense. What incentive does BofA have to have enough people manning the loan lines? Why hsould they even think of letting go of their money now tha it is in their company's paws?

So I find myself losing another house in a 13 month period. And at first I believed that I was thestupid person who made the mistakes. But I have watched Manny do all the right things and lose it anyway.

My advice if you are dealing with a bank over your foreclosure:

Well, I gave my mortgage co all the money they asked and I still lost it as the money disappeared on the books somewhere and did nothing to bring down the amount I owed.

With Manny, I wouldn't let him pay a dime, and thank Goodness!! He could have begged and borrowed and still been in the same boat that I wound up in.

At least this time I get to feel like I wasn't duped into paying for my foreclosure.

And now we are moving again in less then a month.

One place has the rent of $595 a month. WOW, that is really cheap.

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