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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moving Again...but ready and rarin'

We had an incredibly stressful week and a half. Just when everything felt like it was calming down..we suddenly had to find new housing or research what our rights were up here in the foreign land of Oregon.

According to the laws (Chapter 90 and 105) I was able to verify that we are indeed tenants in the eyes of the law now that BofA sold our home to Wells Fargo and has decided to cut off all negotiations.

Coincidently they sent out a realtor whotold us we had a couple of weeks before she was showing up at our home with a sheriff and kicking us out.

We called the sheriff's office knowing that they have to file something with them to get them to come out and they told us there are no papers filed with them or Klamath county.


In the meantime we researched the area and found tons of affordable places to live. So we started working out the details.

We found a 3 bedroom Victorian by Klamath River about a block and a half away with a huge fenced back yard and lovely overgrown plants and flowers beds with dead grass. The rooms look pretty wild and it needs lots of paint and a door needs replacing, but we think we can improve it ASAP.

We also were excited that Manny has applied all over in this last week at the jobs he is interested in working. He wants to be a drug and alcohol counselor, coach and teacher, and is also interested in his usual niche of law enforcement.

His first interview is Monday. We figure we can pay back our last landlords soon if he gets a full time position andit is neat that the cheqapest one we looked at is the one we seem to have gotten. This house is $595 a month. In this case we are doing alot of work and upgrading of stuff the first few weeks since it was trashed by the last tenants a year ago and has been sitting vacant for at least 6 months.

Sweeping, cleaning and planting is well worth it. And here it is common for the landlords to wave first and last and deposits if hte new tenants help with cleanup of the last renters.

Today we went to Crater Lake to release some of the stress and it sure worked. It was much more relaxing to settle in when we got home.

And now I am getting the fact that "home" is where Manny, Spencer and my pets are....
I know wecando Greece and Italy easy now....home is where we are...just wish I could get Gordon to move close to be able to see Spencer at least a few times a week...but that is just a fantasy....I felt that after G and I broke up the best case scenario would be to all stick know keep the family all together. But now I get that it is about seeing each other when we can and "keeping up" with one another.

Thanks to the computer "home" is wherever we are that has a computer connection...

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