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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nervous Condition....

Every once in awhile it occurs to me how precarious our condition is....and I found myself checking into the huge Victorian for rent just two doors down from our house. So far Bank of Amercia has not been very easy to contact nor have they been consistent. I am just glad that we did not give them any money when they basically tried to extort $3000 out of us two days before our home's first scheduled auction even as they sent us paperwork explaining that we would still recieve our notices from the lawyers representing them. In the end they said their paperwork would take 90 days to process and they auctioned it off in less then 30 days from our initial turning in of all of our documents. Now they are saying that all of it is pretty much hanging on a whim. They had said that if no one else was interested (and we knew since there were no offers in several months of being at the rock bottom price of $75,000 that there is no interest) then they would no one wants to talk or guess at who to contact.

Then I looked into the huge well landscaped Victorian on the end of the block, (easily one of the nicest homes in the neighbrhood) and it is only $1300 a month and has 3 huge garages...and lovely gardens with drip systems and is well painted and has a few bathrooms...I paid more then that for 2 bedrooms in Salinas.

Why do we want this house when we can sign a one year contract and live in this huge mansion, maybe scrounge up a few roommates and live very comfortably...?

We could always make an offer when the bank puts this house on the is supposed to be going on the market for $60,000...I would offer $49,000 and see if that wouldn't be would be better then any deal with Bof A since it would be a straight real estate deal...I think I might go looking for my old investor friends...let's face it...a house that went for $140,000 just 4 years ago...for $49,000...with us offering to stay in it and make payments until it is ours...? I think we could find someone interested in the deal....

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