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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sittin' on my front porch.....

Here I am sitting on my new front porch, stealing someone else's internet connection until mine gets turned on tomorrow (at least that is the lastest promise by Qwest....) and I have to admit that it is another beautiful day in the sttrange and foreign land of Oregon. Manny is watering our plants and plotting out other places to apply....Spencer is done drawing a spiderweb that he and Manny are tracking for changes day to day and I am cutting out felt to create little gnomes for our nature table to represent the Big Kids and Gordon and even Manny's chillin's who aren't talking to him or even asking about his side of things. I figure whether they are open to ever meeting us or not they are family and they will remain in our hearts....I even toyed with creating one for Manny's Ex, who used to be my best friend, but I decided it was better to wait on need to invite bad JuJu (as Austin Powers put it) into the house we have so artfully been making our own....

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