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Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is a New Day....

So here is the truth my dear close family and friends....we were happily hanging around unpacking and waiting for my internet connection...the last link I was waiting for to research the Oregon laws and details of our possible options...when Manny was visited by a realtor. Now I know that the bank's realtor is paid to freak you out and get you out ASAP and they get paid well for the trouble...I know because the realtor I had in Tuolumne County showed up just as I knew he would and tried to delicately intimidate me into submission so he could get it on the market after the auction.

That time I was well armed with info...after all I had been an investor...and I knew the state laws in regards to this matter....and I knew how to manipulate them to my best avenues since I AM NOT the kind of woman to buy into that "Scared Nelly" attitude that kills so many men and women when their housing is threatened.

In California I knew I had to negotiate because either way I had intended to leave the house clean and as well loved as she had always been.

But here in Oregon our connection problems stemmed from many different problems with my account before I had even received connection dates were 8/22 and 8/25 and 8/28 and 9/2. Well now we are having trouble with our modem but since we are not sure if we are going to stay we have to sort of wait rather then use the plan I ordered for help if such problems arose.

The realtor told Manny to expect us to be visited by a sheriff if we were not out ASAP.

After weeks of cleaning and scrubbing and unpacking on the advice of an attorney we are now being forced out. Or we can fight. AndI am not sure that is the best way to spend our time.

So we visited Eugene as a possible plaec to move to for Uof O...where I want to go...and today we visited all the affordable options here in is amazing what one can do....gotta go play with Spencer...we are making a puzzle in a wifi spot within the store here....

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