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Sunday, September 13, 2009


So the house we are moving into is a nice older home but we are upgrading everything we can. We put in 4 ceiling fans today and are installing all kinds of hooks for hanging stuff around. We also put in a fresh new shower hanger over the luxurious claw foot tub. In the last month I have become rather addicted to the large clawfoot and luckily we found ourselves with a new place that has curtain that I threw together to soften and lend some privacy looks really nice in the new bathroom too.

Not alot of loads moved today but I feel good about the way it is shaping up...and

Gordonn came up to visit and help us move...Spencer is so jazzed to have dad around.He introduced him to his friends. And Manny and I are relievd to have the help before we move the Big Ticket items.....

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