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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I made money. Thank you, anyone who is reading this, I deeply appreciate you! I had 82 clicks in one day and I got paid handsomely for it by my standards....(which frankly aren't all that high-any of you probably would laugh at the amount I am excited about!)....

I also have to admit on an unrelated note, that I have written the White House, and some sites about the manipulations about my foreclosure and non remodification loan experiences.

I can tell more details but I am not sure who is reading my blog and what you are interested in.

I plan on writing down as many details as I can to help others who are also about to get screwed out of their homes by both Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

I am a very upbeat, happy person but I feel that some shady business is going on with the loan remodifications and I can help you wiht my information if you are making any decisions to believe either of these not-so-positive institutions.

I will write these down in the next couple of days...but for now I have to go play with paper airplanes with my 8 year old....priorities...I always remember what is important...

And I can promise you that any money I earn from your readings.....are going to be used for the enjoyment of my family....I won't be practical or sensible...the soonest I can I promise to go and play!!!!

I hope all of you get to do the same..even if you are the execs who clearly gave us the impression that the loan modification was going to go through and we were not going to lose the house....and that we didn't need to worry about declaring bankruptcy until it was too late to file....everyone deserves the chance to play...

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