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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baseball and schoolwork and organization...

I was a bit depressed about moving again and had not bothered to unpack my books, a sure sign that I was not moved in...but as of yesterday, I seemed to have gotten over it I unpacked several boxes of books and papers. Now I live here in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Spencer and I wrote our first true Japanese word by sounding out the Hiragana characters we have been studying for a couple of weeks. And he has been able to phonetically read Japanese words by sounding out he ones we had studied. Today we tried to write tsunami since we knew it was a Japanese word from our previous tsunami study of a few weeks ago.

And I was able to use my notes and "write" the word.

Japanese is so much easier then Chinese to write and read. I am really jazzed to be studying a syllabary like the Cherokee Great Sequoya made up for his people to be able to write instead of a jillion different characters that say the same homonyms...I love chinese and still study it religiously but....I am not particularly good at reading lots of it yet so I am excited that Japanese is so much easier.

Today we got to go to a baseball game for Manny's neice and I finished up a paper due tonight at midnioght...Gosh I love online schools...I guess I should get cracking on a paper I have to write for my Literature class...due on Tuesday and I have one due tomorrow for Poli SCi but I just don't want to do anymore Poli Sci today...pop....I feel my brain maxing on that...Manny had football on and seemed happy...and Spencer rode his bike...actually quite a relaxing day...dogs are happy...I am happy Spencer is happy...aaaaaahhhhh.....

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