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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today I finished my schoolwork through the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so I had time to check on my college applications. Yesterday it snowed and I got to go out for Friday Girl's Night Beading with Julia and Jaimie (which was a blast by the way!)but today I started coming down with the cold that Spencer had last.

After I was done...I read some Harry Potter to Spencer and then jumped right in to updating my college applications. I applied last week for Oregon State University and this week for the
University of Oregon, so nnow the question is will I be a Duck or a Beaver?Manny applied for the Beavers with me.

Here is the breakdown: If we are Beavers we can take many of our classes on line and start now. They have a program that works in conjunction with community colleges and upper level at the same time.

Manny and I are only a Math requirement away fro upper level class life. Manny is majoring in Liberal Studies/ Psychology...I am shooting for Liberal Studies and with OSU's online Political Science.

And OSU's other big draw is its Linguistics programs for me. I studied Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese at the college level. I also taught myself to read some Greek and Japanese. I can't really get a Linguistics degree on line though with OSU. So now I am shooting for my next favorite subject in college, Political Science.

I also have applied for AHA...a study abroad program that starts this March. It is about going to Greece this year. I really want to do a year or two abroad to get more fluent at languages and also to get in time overseas to perhaps work for the State Department after I graduate.

I am also leaving room for law later and a Masters degree.

With OSU's study abroad program I was allowed to bring a dependent (Spencer) and also a significant other. Sounds awesome to me. The studies were half the fun. There would be a chance to leqrn language and also culture and architecture. All at the University of Athens.

I managed to get my transcripts sent off to OSU while roaming around CA last week now I am needing to get copies sent to U of O and also the study abroad program. I am just glad we have our passports!

U of O ( a Duck) is my fall back and is just as exciting. It did not have an immediate Greek program though. But it does have a Linguistics degree (still OK for prelaw) and language choices as well. It would not start until next Fall and my grades are defintiely OK to get in. At the University of Oregon I wan't have to worry about Math since I will have plenty of time to get that last class done before starting next Fall 2010!

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