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Success, Failure...some of my greatest failures have been a springboard to my greatest successes...the terms are truly fluid.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am in my second term at Oregon State University and truly enjoy scholarly pursuits. As a Political Science major I have obsessed about the political climate everywhere over the past several months saturating myself in all the cable programs I could about it in general.

I have also still kept up my application with University of Oregon since I do prefer the Linguistics classes over my Political Science classes. Although I must admit I am delighted to be an intern for John Kitzhaber's campaign here for Oregon governor. He seems to be a genuine guy with a good plan to keep Oregon's economy going in the right direction.

I also am working on pulling together so I can put my hobbies into a nice arena. I have friends who are very skilled earring makers and also make beautiful necklaces as well and if it works out I might be able to pull together their works too.

Anyway things are rolling along and I have to admit to being really happy still...campaigns are coming to a head in the primaries today!! Go Kitzhaber!!