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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Driving and Security....

I finished my skirt but was hoping to have a cleaned up picture of me wearing it to post with the "making of" photos. I have been sewing by hand in the the house...outside on the deck. Any place I can sit and work in peace on it. We have had a rash of illness though that have prevented this log from being my focus for now.

I started today though with a bit of time focused on two necessary activities to be ready for Italy studies. I worked on where to get my International Drivers License and security in the land of pickpockets.

I found out that the State Department says that all the ads that pop up trying to sell me my International Drivers Permit are scams. The only US places allowed to give them out include AAA motor club and another relialble motor club.

On Monday, if everyone is healthy enough, Spencer and I are heading down to AAA to get our IDP. It should be a breeze!

I also found that the best way to avoid losing everything to a pickpocket is to wear a money belt. I found the Rick Steve's silk money belt with two zippered compartments sounds like the best case scenario and is only around $12 at his website and on Amazon. Sounds like he best way to go. I want any of my most important ID to be tucked into my pans or skirt. I know I won't have much money to worry about, so that will be easy to control.

I am so excited!! I am studying in one of the most beautiful places on earth!!!

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