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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Heaven Sent Fashion Guru!!

     While I was researching last night about my Siena Study trip, I started asking the more mundane but mandatory questions, like what are they wearing in Siena now? ....For my age group?

....And the answers unnerved me! Apparently a woman my age should be stylish and careful in her dress. As anyone who knows me can attest, without my sisters and Ex, I barely pull together "tidy" much less "stylish."

At my first small fashion boutique, I tried on uber expensive "sweatshirts" that were longer then waist length and had really cool hoods and sleeves....but alas, $225 is too much for a poor college student, and besides, they said no one wears sweats or shorts there. The lady working in that shop was gracious and sweet and did not make me feel like I was out of my league or older then her normal clientele, but I probably won't be back...
       But I lucked out at the next shop and found simply the most helpful person at a place called The Twist in downtown Santa Cruz!! The saleswoman was splendid and though very young, had an amazing knack for picking out things for me to try on....she had awesome taste!! She found things for me that made me look elegant and classy!! If you go into the Twist on Pacific Avenue look for Britt to get real help!! And on top of it all the place has layaway!! I hope her boss realizes what a spectacular employee she is!!

I have to drag Manny down tomorrow and have him look at me in the clothes I tried on.

Thanks to Twist and Britt, I don't feel so insecure anymore about how I am going to look while shopping for jobs in Italy and going to school.


  1. I hope we will get to see photos of these great clothes...preferrably on you and in Italy!

  2. I am hoping to get a pic while still in the states...I put one on Layaway yesterday!!