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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Help riding to the rescue!!

    Thank Goodness I have a buddy with tons of fashion sense!! She sent me a personal list of what I need to get going on a wardrobe for the schoolterm that I will be living in Siena, Italy!! It probably is a list I hsould have had anyway to live in any place but it sounds exactly like what I am going to need to survive and keep my mind on my studies instead of how out of style I could be!!

     Looking at the list I have a pair of jeans and black pants, (that are incredibly comfy!!)...I will keep my eyes peeled for a pair of skinny jeans...I don't have any yet, though I did wear hem back in the day!!

     It jus makes me amazingly grateful to have such wise voices from my high school in my sure doesn' hurt to lean on them and use their wisdom to get by in this time and place too!! I send my love to Carol K and Laura M...they always had a clue!

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