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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My clothes....

I had a few yards of a cheery orange fabric and a pattern I bought last summer with my sister Trisha. Today while getting Manny's X-rays, (he has been very sick adn home from work), I bought some red piping and round red buttons. I am modifying the pattern so I could ruin everything but I want something that is "Terri"...I will pos some pictures when I am further along. I want something that looks cheerful like Amy Adams in the Muppet Movie. Let's hope this works out...I will post even if it doesn't to be honest. I haven' made something for me like this since before I left purple dress with red fuschia blossoms that reminded me of my Aunt Winnie who grew fuschias in her back yard in Oakland...the dress has princess seams and has lines that looks like it is from the last always gets compliments when I wear it's hoping it works out..

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