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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Adventures on the Horizon....

I am delighted to still be in Santa Cruz, and starting an adventurous New Year here in the happy city by the Monterey Bay. I have somewhat exact plans on the horizon and clear ones down the road.
I am still at Oregon State University, though I am no longer trying for a Political Science degree since the department didn't seem to have enough clarity. Now I am seeking a degree in Liberal Studies with a specialization in International Studies.
As part of my quest to get into grad school, I am shooting for time abroad. I also am excited about gathering some practice time in the languages I have been studying. I have two years of Italian and also have over a year of Arabic. Yet thanks to the Arab Spring, I am not so sure I belong there studying now.
I am grateful to be scheduled to study in Siena, Italy this Spring.

I kept jumping through the hoops without any chance of affording it, and then I got the Gilman Scholarship!

So I am holding my hat and hanging on for the ride...Siena, here I come.

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