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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Italian Studies....

     Today we go to another class at Aux Trois Pommes in Santa Cruz, where Spencer will work on his Italian to be ready to go to Italian elementary school while he is there in Siena. Apparently they don't have English lessons yet at his age so the teacher told us to not expect the children to know much English at school. Hence a bit of a harder try on our part to get our language up to speed.

     We have been playing Italian games on the computer and hopefully that will help, but we are in for a great adventure. I hope he comes back being pretty fluent since he is so young.

     When I think back on the Terri who tried really hard to succeed in Sonora.....what I was striving for, I already have attained. Adventure, Education and a certain amount of self esteem. I can feel some success at this has been alot of work but it sure has been alot of fun too.....I guess any investment in ourselves is a wise investment.

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