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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to bring....

Since I am going to study in Siena this next term I am in the midst of asking myself this exact question...what am I going to take while Spencer, my 10 year old and I live in Siena, Italy for 11 months while I study the EU and Italy as well as its culture and language.

I am bringing basic attire and of course my son. I am even bringing my EX, Gordon for 2 weeks to help us make sure we are settled and happy. And my boyfriend will be there the last two weeks when I am doing my finals.

I have been a little nervous since I am not much of a fashion person yet I am going into a society where the women my age are done to the hilt when getting groceries. I had to do research on what they wear so I can be somewhat focused on my studies. And I found that I can probably bring all my clothes in one bag. No need to bring any blow dryers or appliances since Italy is the only European country to run on a 3 pronged plug and its voltage was off from everyone else there. I am bringing 2 hair brushes though, they work everywhere thank goodness!

My son wants his Legos, so we are squeezing some into his bag, as well as hoping they are cheaper there, to fill in what he can't bring.

To be ready for the culture shock, we are watching the TV station there in Siena every day (it puts my son to sleep) and I am reading Italian financial news as well. My son is going to have to sink or swim since his school chums will not have had their first English lessons yet...and he is very fuzzy on his Italian.

I am taking two or three books and readying myself for whatever will be my routine there, though through Google Maps I have been able to virtually walk around Il Campo and the Duomo where our apartment is located. I have been doing this to help me to not get lost when I get there.

As part of my Grad School work I will need to complete 2 years abroad to get my PhD in Anthropology so this  is not just fun, (which it definitely is), it is pulling me towards a bigger goal.

This was an assignment that I turned in this morning for my Anhropology course this morning.

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