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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Registered for Study Abroad!!

I am now registered for my Study Abroad experience!! It is so exciting to be handling the paperwork details now!! It was only 4 years ago that I had my water shut off 2 weeks before my house was auctioned off!! What a low point in my life! Now I am experiencing some high notes...

Now my details consist of registering at my school for classes there...gettting my ID card and regisraion for the Siena site and generally having the final details attended to...I was very excited to find that most of he things on our to do list, I have already atttended to...I have figured out many things out of necessity already, like, How are we getting from Florence to Siena? How are we going to deal with home sickness? etc...

I am trying to figure out if we can get Netflix instant watch and hulu plus while there for those days we are feeling like being Californians at home. Three months is a long enough time where I figure even our own sense of adventure, (and boy do we have a strong sense of adventure!!), might wear thin.... 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Completing My Orange Italian Suit....

I have worked hard on my Italian clothes and I made this two piece suit for me to wear while in Italy.

I love the red buttons and the red piping...the pattern did not have so many complications but I really liked the way it looks feels great to design something that screams my personality. Now I am going to wear it tomorrow to treat myself as I go up to Sonora to meet Laura M, and Andrea M...buddies that I have not lunched with in years!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Luggage dimensions...

Got the dimensions for our luggage from Theresa the wonderful travel agent!!

Now I know how big the carry on and the check in luggage can be. I think Spencer might want some Legos for days when we are socked in due to weather...and enough clothes to make the change form Spring weather to summer heat!

This is going to be such a great adventure!!

Gordon, Spencer and I...hammering out details...

Gordon and I were busy trying to hammer out details on Sunday of our trip. We know when we are arriving in Florence but not how we are going from Florence to Siena. In Europe it sounds like it is a very expensive thing to drive a rental car one way. I have my International Driver's Permit that makes it easy to rent a car, but we have to eventually get our luggage from Firenze to Sienna.

When we googled the bus it turned an hour to an hour and a half drive into a 6 hour long drive. For the rain it would shrink to 45 minutes with the train station being about a mile out of the middle of town. Carrying our luggage 1 mile does no sound hard but it will be uphill.

The train tickets are only going to be 9-15 euros each....and I just found out the bus can take us and our luggage the last mile and get us pretty close to our apartment. With the bus coming every 10 minutes or so...we should be fine...

....and Rick Steve's travel book even tells where to stand under the tree to wait for the bus across the street from the train station. We just have to remember to buy our bus tickets for 1 Euro a piece from a Tobacco shop.....

What a cool thing to be figuring out!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Chilly in Europe!

This was 18 hours ago!!
Apparently the cold snap is noot finished in Italy! I still find it crazy to think that such beautiful and exoic places can have differen seasons then I associte with them...I usually pictture Italy as warm and easy...but it can do cold and chilly just like us Californians can....

Job Hunting in Italy

Io vado al Sienna alla aprile a giugnio, 2012. Vorrei essere un insegnante in inglese, dato che sono fluente in inglese e dalla California, Stati Uniti.
Potete aiutarmi a cercare lavoro?

I am using Manpower to look for work in Italy. It sure seems surreal to imagine myself working an hour here and there tutoring Italian students learning English...while I am trying super hard to get a better grasp of Italian....there is a Manpower office within walking distance of my apartment in Italy, how strange is that? And I feel so old since Manpower here in America translates to me as "Kelly Girl"...has it really been so long since I was a Kelly Girl in 1983 while in college the first time? The Manpower office here in Capitola was very helpful...I am having trouble with the Italian version of the site..maybe tomorrow I need to go visit the Capitola office again and have them help me apply for English tutor there....if I can get my foot in  the door and a little bit of money on the side...I might be able to keep up my bills here in California!!

Sent a Magazine Article Out!!

Today I wrote and sent out a magazine article hoping for publication and a check. I am really excited since it is Countrywoman Magazine, a magazine that is classy adn fits all my interests...knitting, sewing etc...It was under1200 words and hopefuly if I can write several before Itay it might help build up a tidy albeit small income to help make my trip easier to  afford.

It was also very interesting writing about the happenings of the past several years in a way that seemed almost cleansing!!

I was surprised that I had so much more to write then the last time I went on a magazine submission kick in 2005....I am going somewhere and doing something!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Working in Italy...

Jobs in Italy article I found this great link for an article on finding work in Italy while we are there this Spring...

Siena Snow....

It is apparently still snowing in Siena so the pics on the internet are stunningly beautiful!!

We also go into a conversation with Spencer's Italian teacher who is from Umbria, near Siena...he parents have a house that they have been looking for housesitters in near one of the lakes there! If I can find work in Umbria we could stay there this summer and pay rent to her parents! Since I  had not planned on studying next summer, (it cost too much last summer!) I figured it is best to push for a fun summer and get work there if we can...since Manny already is working on his TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, he sounds like he can get work teaching English while I can get work doing the same..using our English that we al know!!

This could be alot of fun!! I hope to have the link for the house there soon so we can check it out. I have to see what that would entail as far as my studen visa...WOW...Manny Spencer and I thought i might be alot of least i makes nice mind candy to chew on....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tickets purchased!!

Now it is set in stone!! I am going to Siena, Italy at the end of March, to study for a term in the medieval city. It hasn't changed much since the 1400's when it go hit with successive waves of the plague cutting down on the population and allowing its competitor, Florence to pull ahead.

I am so excited!! I have never watched spring unfold anywhere else but Northern California! (I don't count Klamath Falls, Oregon, which we lived in throughout a Spring but never actually saw any of our flowers last a night there. Considering we had snow in the forecast when we moved out on the 4 of July weekend, I consider it to have been a Spring in name only!) This year I will experience a spring as it unfolds in Italy....what a great adventure!!

I didn't buy any insurance for the tickets so they are non refundable. If I am injured I am going to make someone load my gurney on the plane. I am going. Wooohooo!! We have an apartment near the Duomo, pictured above...and it sounds nearly the size of our house in Santa Cruz, CA.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skirt Done, for Italy....

I have finished my skirt and still am working on my sleeveless shirt for Italy. It has red buttons and red piping and is very bright orange and I feel it will give me a stylish feel as I try not to slog through Italy being my hoody loving CA self all the time. Apparently that is reason to look at us with pity...not necessarily derision, just pity. I want to look like a woman while in such a cool place as Siena. I also have a few other projects going on to "upgrade" my generally sloppy look.

I am redoing my black wool black coat, redoing the buttons and sweeping and scrubbing at the material itself (which is the historical way to "clean" wool.) I think I need to also redo the white piping around the lapels whcih had 4 years worth of dirt from my last upgrade. Orignially the coat did not even have any piping...I just liked the look...reminded me of the jackets from an old British 60's show called "the Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan....