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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gordon, Spencer and I...hammering out details...

Gordon and I were busy trying to hammer out details on Sunday of our trip. We know when we are arriving in Florence but not how we are going from Florence to Siena. In Europe it sounds like it is a very expensive thing to drive a rental car one way. I have my International Driver's Permit that makes it easy to rent a car, but we have to eventually get our luggage from Firenze to Sienna.

When we googled the bus it turned an hour to an hour and a half drive into a 6 hour long drive. For the rain it would shrink to 45 minutes with the train station being about a mile out of the middle of town. Carrying our luggage 1 mile does no sound hard but it will be uphill.

The train tickets are only going to be 9-15 euros each....and I just found out the bus can take us and our luggage the last mile and get us pretty close to our apartment. With the bus coming every 10 minutes or so...we should be fine...

....and Rick Steve's travel book even tells where to stand under the tree to wait for the bus across the street from the train station. We just have to remember to buy our bus tickets for 1 Euro a piece from a Tobacco shop.....

What a cool thing to be figuring out!!

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