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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Job Hunting in Italy

Io vado al Sienna alla aprile a giugnio, 2012. Vorrei essere un insegnante in inglese, dato che sono fluente in inglese e dalla California, Stati Uniti.
Potete aiutarmi a cercare lavoro?

I am using Manpower to look for work in Italy. It sure seems surreal to imagine myself working an hour here and there tutoring Italian students learning English...while I am trying super hard to get a better grasp of Italian....there is a Manpower office within walking distance of my apartment in Italy, how strange is that? And I feel so old since Manpower here in America translates to me as "Kelly Girl"...has it really been so long since I was a Kelly Girl in 1983 while in college the first time? The Manpower office here in Capitola was very helpful...I am having trouble with the Italian version of the site..maybe tomorrow I need to go visit the Capitola office again and have them help me apply for English tutor there....if I can get my foot in  the door and a little bit of money on the side...I might be able to keep up my bills here in California!!

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