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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Siena Snow....

It is apparently still snowing in Siena so the pics on the internet are stunningly beautiful!!

We also go into a conversation with Spencer's Italian teacher who is from Umbria, near Siena...he parents have a house that they have been looking for housesitters in near one of the lakes there! If I can find work in Umbria we could stay there this summer and pay rent to her parents! Since I  had not planned on studying next summer, (it cost too much last summer!) I figured it is best to push for a fun summer and get work there if we can...since Manny already is working on his TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, he sounds like he can get work teaching English while I can get work doing the same..using our English that we al know!!

This could be alot of fun!! I hope to have the link for the house there soon so we can check it out. I have to see what that would entail as far as my studen visa...WOW...Manny Spencer and I thought i might be alot of least i makes nice mind candy to chew on....

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