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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skirt Done, for Italy....

I have finished my skirt and still am working on my sleeveless shirt for Italy. It has red buttons and red piping and is very bright orange and I feel it will give me a stylish feel as I try not to slog through Italy being my hoody loving CA self all the time. Apparently that is reason to look at us with pity...not necessarily derision, just pity. I want to look like a woman while in such a cool place as Siena. I also have a few other projects going on to "upgrade" my generally sloppy look.

I am redoing my black wool black coat, redoing the buttons and sweeping and scrubbing at the material itself (which is the historical way to "clean" wool.) I think I need to also redo the white piping around the lapels whcih had 4 years worth of dirt from my last upgrade. Orignially the coat did not even have any piping...I just liked the look...reminded me of the jackets from an old British 60's show called "the Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan....

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