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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tickets purchased!!

Now it is set in stone!! I am going to Siena, Italy at the end of March, to study for a term in the medieval city. It hasn't changed much since the 1400's when it go hit with successive waves of the plague cutting down on the population and allowing its competitor, Florence to pull ahead.

I am so excited!! I have never watched spring unfold anywhere else but Northern California! (I don't count Klamath Falls, Oregon, which we lived in throughout a Spring but never actually saw any of our flowers last a night there. Considering we had snow in the forecast when we moved out on the 4 of July weekend, I consider it to have been a Spring in name only!) This year I will experience a spring as it unfolds in Italy....what a great adventure!!

I didn't buy any insurance for the tickets so they are non refundable. If I am injured I am going to make someone load my gurney on the plane. I am going. Wooohooo!! We have an apartment near the Duomo, pictured above...and it sounds nearly the size of our house in Santa Cruz, CA.

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