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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Air France.....Loved the Language!!

We had a great time jus getting on our consantly delayed flight. The service was mediocre to say the least but we were so happy...who had time to notice?

I loved the way every little announcement was in French first  on Wir France!! I was able to ttranslate boarding information, the people sitting next to us talking in French only....and what the next set of directions, times weather and information really was nice to use my foreign language!!

The flight attendant had no clue as to what I was asking when I asked in very polite French for some hot water to use with my Jasmine Green teabag from I drank to water she gave me instead and I found that I felt so good about the water, and asking in French that I did not care that I had to leave my tea bag...unused behind...

I absolutely loved seeing women in dresses with lovely scarves and fancy clohes all around... so many men in expensive suits...adn women in real wome's was shocking how nice everyone I walked into the 60's and am flying with the real jet setters....

Can't load my French pics yet....very slow internet...and very slow we wrote to family on french pos cards last night....mightt not be able to get my photos loaded on blog or FB very welll with this connection!!

Thank goodness my friend Rachel told me about this wonderfu hostel...!!

I am not in lovely Italy!! Lovely Europe and its street signs are so much cooler then they look in the movies!!

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