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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Broadsided But Back Upright Again

To be honest, I was broadsided by the past couple of days but now that I have had a chance to let it sink in I am working through and towards otehr options.

I was geared up for studying in a city and walking to EVERYTHING in Siena, attending classes daily and singing my son up for school there. My clothing had to be upgraded since Iwould be in class every day and in a place that cared about fashion, so I was getting used to wearing heels and nice clothes when I walked out the door in preparation. I had my suits lined up and figured on making business connections to be ready to  work for after I graduate. I would've had o speak alot of Italian in order to get through a day walking around a town.

Now I am looking at the housesitting thing in the lovely Perugia countryside. I had been researching already but for July and Fall not for I am suddenly bombarded with many things to consider.

As I see it I will be engaged in outside work, something I do not fear but rather enjoy. My favorite thing about my rental in the Santa Cruz mountains is that Manny, Spencer and I had taken over the woodcutting duties to a strong degree.

I am a hearty creature and love staking wood, moving and cutting it. I enjoy yardwork and love picking weeds and planting. Ilove it when Ihave a small flock of chickens and can gather my own eggs.

I have no idea of what Iwill get to do as chores in Perugia but I can honestly say I would love it. And since Iwont be attending class in person, Ican also keep my son home and we can do the chores and explore the countryside together which is a wonderful option and certainly not a Plan B secondary status in my head.

I guess any trepidation I have is strictly the idea that this has been a sudden switch and not a methodical carefully figured out plan.

But I have "2 tickets to paradise," so I am packing my bags and leaving soon. Leaving the handsome hulk behind and headed out with my kindly  Ex to help me get there and get we all will have our own rooms instead of squeaking by in our appartamento near the Duomo.

I wonder if I can rent some chickens for neighbors for Spencer to learn to tend and to have our own eggs?

I wish I had bought another pair of jeans...maybe I will get another pair before I go...unless I want to wear a casual sundress while "strimming" or weedeating over there....Iam sure Spencer and I will be the odd new ones on the block...

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