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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cappelle Medici e Mercato

Even the polizia look snazzy here!! Everyone looks sharp and cool!!

I am a huge fan of the Medici famiglia...through PBS....they have a whole series on how the Medici family single-handedly financed the artistic renaissance, and teaching a Waldorf class why we should care about the foremost European family because of the amount of power, money and control they controlled over Europe in general. They are an awesome batch...with cleverness, debauchery and power all mixed around in the generations....this is like the family we all wish we had...popes who are bad and create the Reformation almost by themselves, as well as artist fostering heroes. Crowned heads and knuckle heads....they have it bigger and better then your own family...guaranteed.

So going to the Cappelle di Medici and touring the family crypts was way too cool to pass up...we wandered through the mercato...and I found a love of the smell of leather that no poverty stricken student should foster!!
My sisters would fit this zone so shop here with my mom and sisters would be a perfect dream...with Brittany and Gillian and Mallory would be even better....this is the place to really crave cool stuff and their is high quality and some super cheap mixed in.

I got myself my dream...a pair of Romani Antiche Scarpe....and a scarf Roman sandals made me feel so Italian and mixed with my new 2 Euro scarf....I look like a different person from my casual CA self...I like this...

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