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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Consistently High Quality!!

Oh My God....When my daughter was little, she wanted her own land....and she had the same preferences as here auntie...I find myself in that lovely land. I am in Brittville!! She always wanted there to be a and where no one would dress messy...and all would be happy to dress sharp, al the houses would be tidy and clean all the time and polite behavior would be mandatory. I still remember her face when her father told her he would not want to live in Brittville since it sounded like a dictatorship, but now we know it is not is Florence. She was simply craving Florence!....all homes ARE perfect....everyone IS well dressed and polite and all the people ARE well behaved, not because they have o be BUT because they WANT to be? That is Florence!! While on French Air we couldn't seem to do anything right, with our luggage and fellow passengers and every one was a tad pushy at the airport and impolite from my tired sleep deprived state, (or perhaps stressed we were in the exhausting part of travel!) and slightly "superior" or lacking patience compared to here...what astark contrast!!..we get to Italy and everyone is so careful and polite with people forces, service people personnel...EVERYONE switches to the language that you speak as soon as possible to be uber polite!! It is just really nice the way Italians, or maybe just Florentines, seem to love other people. There are no grandmas in sweat pants here...dressed to the nines to do everything. Old ladies look sexy here and pull it off...not seeming to go after their youth but instead they seem to be "civilized...." I want to dress Italian today, not because I have to, but because it seems the polite thing to do here....There is no superiority, but an overall sense of doing things really right the first time here....even my dad would simply adore Italy. This is certainly the land of thoughtful existence. Everything in Florence is well done....I guess it makes sense that clothes and food would be too....

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