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Monday, March 26, 2012

Crawled out of bed at 1 O' Clock in the Afternoon....

I crawled out of bed here in Oakland at 1 O' Clock in the afternoon....but here in Oakland it was 4 AM in the morning!! I am going to be so out of whack!!

We have spent the day proving our lack of international traveling experience by being shocked by the changes on our flight that we saw as set in stone!

We were scheduled to leave at 3 in the afternoon....then it got cancelled yesterday.....and moved to 5:00 in the afternoon. Now it is all the way over to 8:20 pm here, and leaving out of SFO at that time.

I am sure you real travelers think it is flat out funny that we were naive enough to plan  around the ticket times.

We also spent some time realizing that Wells Fargo keeps the Euro exchange rate in constant profit rather then an accurate exchange rate so if you are getting ready to do this fo  any reason ....just use your card and use a local little Santa Cruz County Bank was only going to charge me $15 for ordering Euros but it would take a I thought we should use the big bank...WRONG!! Nice service today but it cost $40 to exchange it.

Now we are all dressed in our traveling clothes....Spencer in his sleeping clothes....sweat pants, T shirt and a hoodie, while I have my comfy, but beautiful wrinkle free dress and clothes my elegant sisters picked out for me. It pays to have sisters with class if you aren't born with your own....

And I have to say, I am really enjoying this now that I won't be stuck in a classroom doing Italian grammar drills all day long. I get to be with Spencer, instead of focusing on school...and generally I have to say seeing Kimberley and Wales is more exciting then beautiful Italy keeps getting better and better!

I am so excited....I am going to be in Europe later....I am going somewhere and doing something....this just isn't like me!!!Wooohoooo!!!

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