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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dawdling is the Florentine Way...

We ran up alot of hillside before dark hit o get a view from what Spencer saw as a "castle and wall" on the hillside across from the Arno and its north bank of was close to sunset...and we scrambled up the beauttiful hill with green lush hillsides around us to find ourselves with a stunning view...a sunset!!
This is the view from "the castle" across the river...stunning beauty all around...becoming quite hohum to see bronze, gold and silver everywhere one looks. Or stunningly detailed statues....or wonderful smokey, faded frescoes on buildings...

We took the tour of the Piazza De was filled with a museo of art...stunning art!! We went through fancy apartment and fancy apartment of newer and newer famous artworks where Spencer set off an alarm by standing too close to a piece. It is beautiful here...we were almost overloaded by stunning art when we got to the section of "modern art" and debated over whether we wanted to see the angles and art of modernity. We opted to try it anyway and found ourselves looking at 1700's artwork...

The oldest things we have in California are from the 1700's...that almost qualifies back home as "ancient" yet here it is simply "modern" funny is that?

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