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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Details, Details...

We could not get over how detailed everything here is.....even the nside rafter beams were carved to a state of beauty....the grate in the gutter had the community's name on it....everywhere you looked there is a level of care that I found stunning....even our dinner in the shadow of the Duomo's Cupola we had climbed that morning was detailed. The Bruschetta had a layer of carefully cut tomatoes and balsamic vinegar and flavorings that made me feel I was eaten something my mom had cooked and not some rather affordable meal that was sort of the special that day. Not only was the toast awesome but so was the salad, lasagna and spaghetti and on top of it all it came with wine!! All for 10 Euros a need to tip here or taxes according to Rick Steves so the price you pay is the price you pay. But it was actually way more affordable then they say Italy is!! 

While I write this the church bells are ringing out the morning wake up call over the city...and birds heralded the pretty...this whole place is pretty! Even waking up here is che bello!!

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