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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fight or Fun?

I have school work to finish in this last 4 days before I leave, or I can waste time fighting with my school that I can really lay into when I come home via political action, (ie talking to legislators about FORCING colleges to give online students fin aid advisors as they sign up instead of this garbage of never getting to the same answer or person twice and no one is held accountable for what ever they choose to say!)...I think working on getting to say is more fun...

So today I sent emails to 16 different housesitting gigs and also I wrote to 2 European people I know to try to find a place there to stay in...

I had a lovely talk with my wise little sister this morning and I decided that I should try to stay in hostels, (that has been a bucket list anyway!) and just enjoy myself going forward...what a better way to go!

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