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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finally a day without stress!!

Today was a beautiful day!! Spencer went to his last Italian class until we get back. We fly to Paris and then Florence on Monday and tomorrow I leave my house and head over to Oakland where my Ex, (and super cool travel buddy!), lives and we stay until we get geared up for flying out of San Francisco!!

My oldest son and his girlfriend will be driving us up to his dad's is going to be so much fiance has made it clear that he needs a short and sweet goodbye in Santa Cruz before we go.

Now the plan is to go to a place I have ALWAYS been studying for...Wales is where my family came from at the turn of the last century...and my children have a bigger dose too, since I married a man whose father was from Wales too....I know the Welsh national anthem, and a Welsh song that promises a Welcome in the Hillsides will be waiting for a Welsh relative has opened her house to us as if she were a promise come true when we needed a place to stay so urgently. I had to realize that I was more excited about seeing Kimberley and her son then the excitement of visiting a place I desperately wanted to see my whole life!

My school plans fell through but these plans...that seemed to materialize from no where are sooooo much better and closer to my deepest desires then sudying for 3 months in Siena!!

All of our packing is done!! I am now down to the simple last minute tossing in of things I think I can't live without.....but now, I don't have to worry about vagabonding through Europe without eventually having a place to put my stuff.

And thanks to Kimbereley, I now have a place to ship my schoolbooks for my classes that had to replace my Italian classes that fell much is now put to rest that we have a room to stay in...and even before she volunteered to let us stay with her...we already knew one day she would have to stay in Santa Cruz with she wont be embarrassed to planon going out our way when she has time...

And Spencer now will know Kimbereley's boy....they will now see that the other is more then an abstract concept at the end of a letter or package!! Hurray!!!

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