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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Went And Played....

I was very frustrated when dealing with my school. The really nice useful people were not there and even though one of the ECMAPUS folks tried to help...we got no where fast and lots of time was involved. Unlike Financial Aid...I could not complain about her kindness...this woman really tried to help.

I had worked myself to a frazzle after a lovely chit chat with my sister, when I started thinking, I believe that I can get something better to happen if I change my frame of I went for a walk with Spencer and my dogs....there were still some blossoms on the apple trees and it was heavenly outside.

I walked over a half mile while he rode his bike and the dogs dug happy dog holes on the property we live was just marvelous...thanks to the dogs, there was the smell of fresh soil in the air to mix with the sweet apple blossom smells.

We veered off into the really wet areas next to our little flowing creek that meanders all the way to the Pacific ocean miles down stream from where we are on top of the mountain. We sat on our little bridge. We dipped our faces in the water trickling by us so fast. It reminded me of an old song I used to play on the recorder of how the mountain streams laugh as they go by....we talked about Greek Gods...and books....

After about an hour my son had stripped off his now wet shoes and was walking in the stream as the clouds were thickening and the air getting chillier.

I went back to the house for my coat, and also brought out my art journal and colored pencils in a tin, and we both sat and colored and talked about Greek Gods...After all that loveliness, I came back to the house refreshed and found Manny enjoying the quiet of the house after work....

.....And that was when I found an answer to one of my multitude of housesitting letters looking for a place this next month in Europe anywhere! It is an opportunity to live in Abruzzo, Italy...and it sounds wonderful!!

It made me wonder if it would have happened if I had WORKED away at the computer MAKING it happen!!???!!

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