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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Minute, Last Minute, stuff....

Spencer has been spending his last night with Big Brother and Mallinator, and I spent my last night with super handsome fiance...which we spent watching "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" The Coen Bros take on Homer's Odyssey and eating at home since it was rainy and cold. I have been indulging in last cuddles with the pets....the dogs have been clingy and even the usually very aloof cat has been getting inside the luggage while I pull it all apart again....the downside is being away from family, friends and pets....but I am sure some one in Wales and Italy will have pets that Spencer and I can go gaga for....

Now I pulled everything out of the already packed luggage to really think about whether I need all of that stuff and repacked it one last time....according to the directions, all of our stuff should be able to go into "carry on" and go with us in the plane. My purse, Spencer's backpack of books and recorders, as well as 2 wheeled bags that we can carry or roll around Italy and England. I put in labels this morning, realizing I had forgotten to up to this point.

During the night I woke with a wonderful feeling of EXTREME gratitude! I realized in my dead sleep that if those people in Fin Aid had told me the truth earlier, I would have definitely backed out of all of this....and now I find myself in the most wonderful situation!! I feel like Iam going on a much deserved vacation!! I get to see relatives that I have not seen for so long...I get to see my beloved Wales that I have always longed to see and spend time in lovely Florence with Gordon, Bart and Spencer, and a month along the coast of the Adriatic Sea!!! If they had done anything different....I wouldn't be doing this!!

So here is a kudos and deep gratitude & appreciation to OSU's Fin Aid....!! Aaron and are the tops!! Sorry about all the bad vibes I sent your way last week!! Manny told me not to write them yet to that effect....I think he is right...I will keep my gratitude under wraps for now! But it sure feels better to not be peeved anymore!!

And Wales and beautiful Italy here I come....


  1. Bon Voyage, Terri! We will miss you, but love you very much and look forward to the pics and stories to come! =)

  2. Love you too....will keep you posted here...