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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving Going Away Party....

I LOVE Stockton, CA in the springtime. It is always breezy and the air is fresh. Usually my little sister and her hubby have an orange tree in their back yard that has flowers in bloom and bees buzzing about the fragrant beauties.

This early Easter it was different. The orange tree, usually at this time of year is a mass of angular twigs and soft white buds, but yesterday it was a tree with full green leaves and full size oranges. They were so full size that my son plucked one and peeled it and ate it on the spot. different from years past...either Easter is far ater this year or Spring came much earlier this year.

What happened to winter this year?

We had a lovely time appreciating my littlest sister's well appointed home and her husband's excellent cooking. He is the kind of guy who might someday run a restaurant. Every day woud be a treat to eat at such a place.

And there is nothing nicer than talking to the Cady side of our family. We see each other once or twice a year yet we always get each other and I absolutely love the conversation. It is not everyday that you get to talk to intelligent and witty people and to have a whole backyard of them is really a fun time in the making.


  1. We had such a blast hosting and thank you for the kind words. We are going to miss you, but know that you will be off having fantastic adventures. =)

  2. We love you Boober!! Thanks for taking our youngest for a few days...