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Success, Failure...some of my greatest failures have been a springboard to my greatest successes...the terms are truly fluid.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My How Far I Have Come!!

Just 5 years ago, I was happily in my house in the woods of the Sierra Nevadas...I never drove at night. I never put gas in the car...I loved my friends and family and life but my life was tucked away and quiet, calm and meditative. I was Rapunzel up in my tower and I LOVED IT!!

But thanks to the foreclosure, I now love driving over highway 17 at night and seeing the jewel like beauty of San Jose laying out so pretty before me when I reach Los Gatos...I love driving by myself late at night with the radio on and being speedy on the road. I have no qualms about putting gas in the car nor do I feel too concerned about my safety like I used to when out alone at night...I think Italy came laong just when I was ready to go...gotta love it...

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