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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Praying inside the Duomo....

To get into the Duomo is sort of the urgent call of any tourist visiting Florence. The line was long and bored when we walked by and we were sure we wanted no part of it. Gordon said we shoud take the hike up to the top of the Cupola instead. I was worried about the cost, while he was wreckless, saying that is sounded like fun.

What a stroke of brilliance!! I was the perfect tour for us! We ran up the sneaky back alleyways in the building several flights of stairs, and twisting dangerous spiral staircases wih weird little nooks to peak out of the buildings thick stone walls, only to find ourselves thrust out at the top of the cathedral with a full view of the entire church from above and near the stunning artwork!
We were alone enough to be able to silently pray at the tippy top, looking down on the tourists sannping photos with flash, (against the rules) and generally seeming to miss the best view in the house!

When that part was done....through more cramped corridors to the ouside of the top!! The only annoying people were 2 separate sets of Americans who insisted everyone move aside for them to
video the view...I had to laugh when they came at one another from opposite sides. When they started in on how they were taping could the other sort of reminded me of a
Dr. Seuss book...they sort of stood there gawking at one another and trying to make the other one move...We found a Deathly Hallows sign graffitti-ed at the top...proof that Harry Potter fans are everywhere! The view was stunning!

Everything about this beautiful place qualifies as stunning!!

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