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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shifts Can Be Confusing but Good, I Guess....

After doing some research I found that I can hold my account so I don't have money automatically funneled into the AHA program that is planning on chargin me exhorbitant charges for not getting to go after all.

I also found that I can get my usual funding in Italy as if I were home since I am still going to take a regular full time schedule on time via online access. Hence, if I play my cards right and luck stays with me, I will live as I always do here but live over there instead. I will also learn some Italian there and speak enough to help my entrance exams in grad school which is very helpful, and in retropsect might have been one of the big reasons why I tried this anyway.

One could look at this as though I have been forced into studying abroad in the Italian countryside, instead of here in Santa Cruz where I would have normally been. I am always in debt either way since funding does not cover living expenses!

If I understand the way the dust has settled, I get to be home with my son or out being Italian WITH him instead of in my expensive study abroad program in the school that my college sanctioned and still doing a full time schedule online wih my classes. Iwill be forced to work outside and weed eat the property, which I have been itching to allow myself to do anyway and I will enjoy Italian culture at my leisure when Spencer and I leave our really lovely place in the countryside to explore.

Maybe it isn't so terrible to have a change of plans after all...we will see what happens...


  1. A big part of my decission to move to Australia had to do with study. If I had stayed in the USA I could not afford to study full time so I would have had to spend a minimum of eight years studying parttime at night after already working fulltime! It would have gotten pretty tiring and in a world were there is a shortage of nurses should it have to be that complicated?

    I could afford to move to Australia, work part-time and study full-time. And because the bachelor of nursing program in Australia is very focused on nursing subjects the whole course could be completed in three years!

    Seemed like a no brainer to me and in the process, I have moved to one of the few countries in the world that has had minimal troubles caused by the GFC.

    The USA missed out on a great nurse (if I do say so myself) and I'm quite happy in Oz!

  2. Frankly you were savvy in that as you have always is your cleverness that made you look that far for answers...good for still make a fine role model buddy!!