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Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Readying!!

Spencer and I are puling out all our clothes and luggage to start truly packing...

Now I can't find the size of the luggage and weight we can take...better figure out where I put those dimensions...but we are letting them air out in the sun. Also washing every last shred of clothes...though Spencer realy does not need to take anything older. Gordon and Bart have been outfitting him in great clothes for our life in Italy. He has new jeans, (and considering how fast he has been growing he really needed them!!) new shirts, shoes, socks and really is nice to outgrow your clothes when you are younger...not so nice now that I am grown.

Test to take today in ANTH but hard to focus on that...I want to just work on Italy and get pracical but school needs to roll to the front... 

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