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Friday, March 16, 2012

Time to Hold Those Accountable....

I woke this morning knowing that I had to start the ball rolling for damage control to my education and to my finances. I sent an email yesterday to the Business Office of my school to stop any funding from being disbursed to my Study Abroad program that Iwas wrongly told I would have funding for...not Iam $8000 short and cannot attend the program.

When I found out the money was not coming Iwas treated callously by Financial Aid, as if I had just willy nilly decided I could afford to go. I have been honest and up front about being poor all along. I told everyone I was in contact with that my credit suffered from my foreclosure in 2008 and therefore I could not do this on outside loans and Iwas always told that I could still count on my funding. Ouch!!

Now I stared demanding that my school put a hold on my account until I have an audit conducted into this whole situation. I wrote several key administration today!! Ialso wrote the White House since all along I have felt that a few key things woud be more fair to us online students but are simply not done yet sinc eno one os legislating the schools into providing beter customer service for those of us who cannot visit the campus at the first sign of trouble.

The U of Pheonix has a credit counselor who works wih you unil graduation. You have their name before you even start classes and they handle your problems with you and make sure you receive funding that you can count on and know what is coming down to the penny. Not OSU. Little Monterey Peninsula College had several counselors to talk to when there were questions about my classes or degrees. Not OSU. I didn't find the great counslor I have until the summer before my senior year status went into effect.  Inever got calls back from the Political Science people or help planning out my degree.

So I think all of this could have been preveted if I had a person to talk to about each of these things but the school does not have professionals answering the phones. It has been my experience that I have gotten a different answer each time I called Fin Aid and Isuspect they are student workers who have no real answers or experience.

Even though my school is world class, and has the best teachign staff, I think this has now gotten to be too extreme. Ihave never once known what my Fin Aid award was in OSU, nor have I ever gotten a straight equation. There is always a complex set of variables that did not allow for me to have enough money to pay my rent and eat...time to let the administration know of my frustrations, troubes and expecations.

Hopefully they will put a full hold on my accounts and really analyze whether it is fair to charge me over $1200 for a program I can't attend sinc eI believed my counselors and staff there when they said the funding would come...I am just glad Iasked again BEFORE I  left instead of waiting until I got there and did as they were told waiting until my firstt week of school was done in Siena, Italy!!!

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  1. Wow it sounds like you have been really jerked around! That is so unfair! Are you going to get to do the housesitting job? Were you able to figure out the car issue?