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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Too Much!!!

The Perugia housesitter fell through as far as I am concerned.

She wanted 500 Euros a month ($800) and also 3-4 hours per person a day from Spencer and I and for us to rent a car (which I have been resisting since I know I would not wind up practicing any language if I am cooped up in a car.) Rick Steve's says to get out of the car and talk to people...and that is what I intend to do so here I am about to fly to Europe with no money and no place to stay initially....I never would have planned  to go to Europe with so little nailed down...I am a bit irritated and ANGRY with my school's insensitivity!

So I joined the housesitting site and have been applying for places all over Europe all day....these are in France...I have sent letters to Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, and England. Actually it seems like alot of fun if I can find one...

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