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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So I need transportation in order to get the housesitting gig, but my problem is that Americans are not EU citizens and cannot own a car. We have to have residency proof (I am leaving in 82 days therefor I do not need residency visas) but one must prove residency in order to purchase a clunker or now I am checking in France...I can buy a car there according to my preliminary check...but it is so complex....running out of time so here it goes..I did a hard workout on Netflix and feel much less stressed...still finishing off previous term with my %$(&*%&$ school that pulled the rug out from under me 2 weeks before my study abroad...gonna have to really consider a lawyer on this they want to charge me for changing my if I woke up yesterday and suddenly decided to do something else...not anything to do with telling me all along that Iwill have funding and at the last minute not having it suppied by the school as promised! Grrrrrrr.....

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